CompTIA A+ Certbolt Certification: Is It the Best Entry-Level IT Credential for You?


In a world where loyalty, pensions, and benefits are no longer considered the main assets that bring satisfaction, staying motivated on a 9-5 job can be challenging. And as you get older, one of the most common questions will be, is a career change even worth it? 

While carving out a niche in information technology can be fascinating, there will be a constant feeling that you are throwing away your “perfect” job for a seemingly low-ranked position that will demand so much patience and commitment to reach the top. On the other hand, what if we told you that it’s not necessary to start from scratch? 

Well, the above question is not about miracles: you can prepare yourself for your future IT roles by earning an entry-level recognized certification like CompTIA A+. Below, we are going to discuss the details of this credential, how it can impact your growth, and whether it can fulfill your monetary goals.

CompTIA A+: The Best IT Certification for Beginners? 

CompTIA’s ever-growinglist of top-notch accreditations features excellent badges to help students get their foot in the door with the right skills, and A+ is one of them.This training addresses fundamental hardware and software concepts together with the configuration and installation of operating systems.

The Certbolt A+ certification will help you get a job in information technology as a computer technician, technical support specialist, data support technician, and many others. These positions will give you a good foundation upon which you can advance your skills and prepare for top-level roles like an associate network engineer. Moreover, as stated on the website, A+ certified specialists can expect to earn about $62k annually on average.

Steps to A+ Success: What Are the Exams and Tested Objectives? 

Let’s be honest here, the CompTIA A+ path can be long and painful for beginner IT enthusiasts. To obtain this certification, you should pass two exams. The first is 220-1001, covering mobile device hardware, network troubleshooting, network connectivity, and PC hardware. The second test is 220-1002 that emphasizes your knowledge of operating systems.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip the CompTIA A+ Training

Enrolling in the ExamSnap CompTIA A+ training should be the first step in preparing for your accreditation exams. By taking part in the official courses, reading guides, and doing labs, you’ll solidify all the skills needed for launching an IT career. This makes even more sense if you are new to this field or looking to edge your competitors but lack the technical acumen to help you do so.

Does CompTIA Allow for Online Testing?

Yes! Candidates can either take 220-1001 and 220-1002 examsfrom designated testing centers or online. The first option is only feasible if you have a nearby center. For the online assessment, you can sit for the test from the comfort of your home but remember that you will be supervised using a proctored device via webcam.


Career change is not a new concept, so it’s a known fact that if you choose this path, extra knowledge, hands-on skills, and experience won’t hurt your long-term goals. And the point in attaining the CompTIA A+ certification is that you make a statement of intent at the entry-level by getting the skills you will need to thrive in more advanced roles. So, get certified today and focus on the next step as you climb the career ladder!