How to Choose an Embroidery Machine: 12 Must Have Tips

How to Choose an Embroidery Machine

Choosing an embroidery machine is important not only from a technical perspective but also as a major investment especially when you are searching for the best embroidery machine for businesses. Not sure which machine to buy? These are some question asked by the people who are new buyers for them these tips will help you buy the right machine for the first time.

Depending on the model, you can buy a large piece of a well-used car with the money spent on an embroidery machine. Any major expenses deserve some research. After all, how many embroideries will you buy during your lifetime?

Here are 12 things to consider when choosing an embroidery machine.

1. Which brand is best?

For the most part, the brands are of good quality. Check out manufacturers’ blogs and forums to get a feel for customer satisfaction. The biggest bonus is the dealer. There are number of brands selling embroidery machines, so find an enthusiastic reseller who excels in customer service and support and chances are good that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

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2. How are you going to use the machine?

Is it for home or business? This is the first thing you should consider while buying an embroidery machine. Embroidery machines for business are more heavy duty than machines used for home. So check out some best brands online or offline stores and make a decision as per your need. Company embroidery is best done on commercial machines that are built specifically for mass production and continuous operating hours.

3. Does it have minimal requirements on your must-have list?

Some features are crucial to your individual sewing needs, such as automatic thread cutting, bobbin winding, pressure sensor or needle puller. Find the best with all necessary requirements as per your need.  

4. What is the neck width?

Some of the newer models have neck width (the amount of space between the needle and machine body) that rival long-arm machines. It gives you more space to move around, allows the use of larger hoops and is ideal for machine coverage of all kinds.

5. Is the embroidery separate from the sewing machine?

If so, you will be able to use the machine for sewing and quilting as well as embroidery. It is also an economical way to buy a sewing machine where you can later add embroidery. You can easily switch them from sewing to embroidery when it need. 

6. What hoop sizes are available?

Hoop sizes range from 100 x 100 to 360 x 350 and beyond. If your largest bending size is 100 x 100, it limits the size of embroidery patterns or projects that can be sewn.

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7. What accessories are available?

Find out extras that you can add later, such as different presser foot, a quilt table or attachments for special techniques. Buy a machine you can grow into!

8. Are the embroideries built or separated?

Some embroideries have only patterns built into the memory. In order to access as many stitches and design files as possible, machines should also connect directly to a computer or load files from a thumb drive.

9. What type of portal is used to transfer and access designs?

Early machines used floppy disks to transfer designs from the computer to the embroidery machine. Others use a computer card or “magic box”. You want a USB connection with embroidery available from a jumping device or directly via a USB cable to the computer.

10. Can you get the digitization program specifically for your machine?

To run the entire column, you may want to digitize, customize and create your own designs. A variety of digitization programs are available depending on how detailed you want to get. Some are brand specific and others are compatible with embroidery formats.

11. Will owner classes come with the machine?

Most retailers provide at least one owner class and offer refresher courses on basic machine functions. When you are comfortable with how your machine works, you can benefit from project and technology classes.

12. What warranty and service is included?

Only prefer to buy machine from dealers who have trained technicians on site or under contract which saves a lot of time and worry when your machine needs cleaning or maintenance. Otherwise, you would send it to the manufacturer for repair that is current, expensive and risky.

Problems with embroidery

Sometimes there are problems with embroidery, the top or bobbin thread goes off, the bobbin thread becomes tangled on the wrong side, the bobbin thread is seen on the right side, loops are formed on the upper thread embroidery, etc. So you can ask for demonstration while purchasing. Because nobody wants to buy a machine and then find out that you would rather have another model. A little bit of research is time good when investing in an embroidery system.


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