How to Download a Movie Using Utorrent for 2021 in Simple Steps

how to download a movie using utorrent

How to Download a Movie Using Utorrent and More Details

Want to know how to download a movie using Utorrent? Here is an article that will tell you how you can easily download your favorite movie, songs, or any other file with the help of Utorrent.

Torrents are a great way to download heavy files from the internet. In the past few years, we all have been using torrents to download one or the other thing. This caused a lot of competition amongst the torrent websites and providers. In this race, some sites or services that were involved with torrents and their downloading outshined everyone. One such name was Utorrent.

About Utorrent

Utorrent became one of the leading websites that people choose to download torrents from. A lot of factors were involved that made it a pubic favorite. The site was easy to access for anyone. Moreover, it was rarely down or block. Utorrent has a simple website that anyone can navigate through easily. The easy and simple user interface helps us to explore the site in and out with minimum clicks.

Moreover, the kind of links that they have with the seeds and backup is remarkable. Giving out a great service to the people for numerous years has made this side a public favorite. However, there still some people who are not aware of how to download the content or files from this torrent website. This is also due to some of the upgrades that it had to bring out in order to stay up to date. In this article, you will get to know how you can download movies from torrent with simple and easy steps. Make sure to read it until the end to get clarity about this.

Safety and Security


Before we go any further, make sure that you know how to keep yourself safe from online surfing. Since you are downloading some content from the internet, it is important for you to stay safe. Downloading random files from the internet makes it easy for hackers to get into your P.C. That is why it extremely important to download and access the websites that are safe for your pc. Any form of Virus or malware can do a lot of damage. This is where Utorrent takes a safer stance. It is comparatively a safe site to be on. Let us know how you can download some content from Utorrent.

How to Download a Movie using Utorrent –

Follow these simple steps to download a movie-

-Go to their official website.

-Explore the various movies, songs, and other things that are there

-Pick a movie of your choice from the vast options that it has on the platform.

-Now, it is time for you to install the software that they have. You don’t need much space on your disk, so no need to worry.

-However, you can use the Utorrent web option that is available. In which you don’t need to download any software. So that you can download great movies online!

-Click on the installation process and follow-through.

-Make sure that you read the details of the downloading thoroughly in order to keep things clear.

-After the installation is complete, now you can explore the vast sea of movies that you have in front of you.

-From the regional to the old classics, you can download any kind of movie from this torrent website.

After the Software is downloaded

how to download a movie using utorrent

Once the software is downloaded. You need to go to a reliable movie source site. Like 133x or other similar sites. There are plenty of options from which you can choose. Once you go to the site of your choice, explore the option.

Just keep in mind that you go to a reliable and secure site. Make sure to check the reviews of the website that you choose to visit. Moreover, if you are unable to visit a site, you can always open the site with the help of a proxy server. These servers help you to access the sites that you are unable to visit.

Now, once you are on the official website of torrents, go to the movies that you are looking for. It may take a while to find a rare movie. However, you can get a majority of the movies available easily. After you have found the movie that you were looking for, click on it.

You will land on a new open page. On this page, you will see an option that will say download movie as a torrent. You have to click on that button and download that torrent file.

Next Steps 

Once you see that the download is complete, go and check the file on the given destination. After cross-checking the file, you have to open Utorrent software again.

Now, from that software, you have to go on the add torrent option. Once you go to add a torrent file, go on the selected destination and select that file.

Now click on the download torrent option and let the torrent site do its work. You check the quality of torrent by the seeds as well. In general, the majority of the torrents are downloaded with ease.

If you are unable to find a good torrent site, we can help you with it. Check out some of the most amazing torrent sites that you can choose to download the torrent files from. These sites will help you to download the torrent in a safe and fast manner.

List of Torrent sites

Pirate Bay

It is an old and popular site that has been up for a long time. Because of its popularity, the pirate bay has a lot of great movies. The collection which this site has is impeccable. Moreover, it is a safe site that has a lot of options for links. The user interface is also amazing. This makes it even easier to download any link from this site. Pirate bay can be down sometimes due to the high traffic that it has, so you can always retry and connect to the site.  


This is another popular site for torrent downloading. However, 1337x has a lot more than just movies. It includes songs, ebooks, and much more. So make sure that you explore the entire site and check out their amazing collection. 


This is an easy to navigate website that has ample links for most of the movies. However, it also has some of the regional movies too. Moreover, You can find some of the top classic movies from the old era here. The only drawback of this website is that it has too many ads that may come your way. Regardless of the ads, it is still a wonderful site that has plenty of torrent options that you can explore. 


It is a new version of an older website called torrents. Due to some issues, it got shut down. Now, they have come back with a better and smoother version of it. Torrentz2 has a lot of options that you can explore. Be it a movie or a good game. You can find a lot of things on this website. Make sure that you visit this site when you think of downloading a torrent through Utorrent. 


This is a new website in the game of torrents. It has a wonderful interface with new and trusted links. It has many options for the games that you can play. The seeding and downloading process from this website is very easy. If, by any chance, you can’t visit this website, make sure that you use a good proxy site. The proxy server will help you to get through the site. From there, you can download the content that you like. They have a wonderful range of games that are available. So kindly make sure that you check it out once you visit it!