How to Get Your Period in One Hour: Know the Truth

How to get your period in one hour
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Understanding Menstrual Health is extremely important for a woman as a female body is highly complicated and each woman undergoes different complications. A set of guidance to nurture your body and go through the menstruation will be a little easier. Hence, to know how to get your period in one hour you need to know the real facts that affect your period cycles and think of adopting the medically correct ways to induce a natural cycle. One unavoidable point to note is that getting your period in a time schedule very specifically by your choice is factually impossible. 

Although, nearly 60-70% of teen women go through irregularities in periods. Nature has certain things to offer in this case. The ingredients you need to start menstruation can be found in your kitchen. Check the content further to know how to get your period in one hour. 

What is Period?

The natural period cycle is a complicated physical feature of feminine hormonal alteration and physical nature that happens every month inside the female reproductive system. Usually, a female’s body period comes around in intervals of every twenty eight days, even though that probably varies from one body to another. 

Factor on How to get your period in one hour

The menstrual cycle is experienced in four phases based on time duration. Getting the appropriate knowledge about the vitals of the menstrual cycle is important in going through the disadvantages of the entire period cycle.

1. Eat Boiled Parsley

For years, parsley played an essential role to help women induce menstruation. “Apiol and Myristicin are the 2 components you can get in parsley that elevate oestrogen levels and make your uterus contract as a result it will stimulate monthly cycle inducing effect.

Eat Boiled Parsley
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Apiol is also found in medicines to cure amenorrhea and menstrual disturbance. Vitamin C is also vastly found in parsley. Vitamin C is there to play with the progesterone levels. Just use fresh or dried parsley and boil them in water and then drink it. This tastes nasty but is believed to be an effective solution to get your periods. Drink regularly till you get your periods.

2. Make Cumin Tea

Cumin seeds aka jeera in Hindi, have the same profile consisting Apiol and Myristicin which forms uterine contractions. Soak a handful of cumin in a glass of water and drink the water the next morning. A mixture of ajwain and jaggery with cumin might help stimulate periods while also lessening menstrual cramps. But it can also be highly toxic to the liver if consumed daily.

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How to get your period in one hour
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3. Ginger Tea

One of the best and powerful emmenagogues is ginger tea to start periods. A tea boiled with parsley leaves and grated ginger is suggested.

Ginger Tea
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Ginger is known to induce contractions by elevating the heat in the uterus. The main component is gingerol which induces hormonal balance so raising contractions in the uterus to start periods. It is easy to make, the ingredients can be boiled in water and then after the heat is turned off, throw in tea leaves and honey. Then strain it and drink it in a cup.

4. Eat Celery Stalks

Drinking juice of celery is a completely safe option, it is natural and a helpful way to get your period in an hour. It is one of the safest methods to induce periods in one hour. 

How to get your period in one hour
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Fresh juice of a celery, taken two times a day, can elevate blood flow to your uterus. Elevation in the blood flow uterus can assist to stimulate your periods. You can also eat celery stalk with your meals but keep an eye out for the bloating.

5. Coriander Drink or Paste

Coriander is hugely used as a flavouring agent in your meal but when your aim is to start periods, consume it in larger amounts. Since it has emmenagogue properties, coriander seeds are known to be the most efficient home solution for disturbed periods as it helps to regulate the hormonal cycle. Boil a small amount of coriander in 2 cups of water until the water is evaporated to a single cup. Strain the seeds and drink the mixture thrice a day for a week before your period or grind it and drink it with water.

Coriander Drink or Paste
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Tablets to get your period in one hour

The medicine like Medroxyprogesterone can be prescribed to begin with a usual menstrual cycle in females who have begun their cycle but did not have one in the past six months, are not pregnant, or have not reached menopause.

First of all, to answer this particular question, you definitely cannot. Multiple pointers can have an impact on the chronicity of monthly bleeding of a  woman’s menstrual cycle. Altercation in hormones , additional stress, diet, exercise, medications, and undetected health issues are all known to be the side effects of menstrual cycle. Hence, by using medication you can make it happen a little sooner. By accepting all these discomforts and accepting a scientific soothing method, you will be able to lead a better and more consistent menstrual cycle.

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Beneficial ways to get period fast

Now we will go through the ways to get your period regulated to overcome your delays in date.

Maintaining a proper Diet

It is absolutely essential to maintain a proper and balanced diet is important for complete health, adding to the list, menstrual or reproductive cycle’s health. Intake of nutrient-filled foods, like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins, and fats, offers the essential minerals and vitamins to enhance hormonal balance and stop the irregularity. Adding into the list, it is important to keep your body hydrated and estimate the consumption of junk foods, extra sugars, and coffee, as these components might bring in harmful affects for Reproductive or Menstrual health.

Scheduled Workout

Getting involved in daily scheduled healthy activity brings in a lot of benefits for the reproductive cycle. Daily workouts induce blood flow, help to reduce stress, and secrete endorphins that help to improve menstrual health and reduce discomfort. Moreover, extreme or intense workouts might disturb hormonal balance and take your body towards irregular period schedule or even amenorrhea (absence of periods). Keeping a balance by maintaining a moderate and careful workout routine is key to having a healthy period cycle.

Stress Management

Stress will certainly affect hormonal secretion, probably taking you towards inconsistent menstrual cycles or even missed periods. Implementing stress-management procedures into your daily schedule, such as meditation, exercises, yoga, breathing exercises or engaging in interests and hobbies that bring happiness, can help manage stress and keep hormonal balance.

It is extremely important to keep one majorly important point in mind, If a female is suffering from irregularity of her periods, major menstrual pain, lengthy periods, or any other unusual symptoms, it is absolutely necessary to go to a professional doctor. Then it can be identified and help to recover from underlying diseases, provide proper cure, and show you the way to achieve better menstrual health.


To answer the question “How to get your period in one hour?” When the idea of having your menstrual bleeding in a specific time frame is not doable or advisable, taking care of your menstrual health by understanding and accepting healthy habits is in your hand. By choosing a balanced food habit, positive workouts, stress management, and looking for medical advice when needed, you can have a healthy menstrual cycle. Keep in mind that menstruation is a natural process, and every woman’s experience may be different. Accepting and worshipping your body’s natural cycle is key to sustaining optimal menstrual health and overall body.