Memory-boosting recipes for college students

Memory-boosting recipes for college students

Students have to struggle hard for good grades, and it demands an enormous amount of energy and commitment to keep going with today’s fast-paced system of education. If students do not focus on their diet and health, they cannot run in this race of success for a long time. What you eat determines how you perform. Students need to have a balanced and nutritious food for their mental and physical health. The research has proved that students who have a good combination of dairy products, vegetables, meat, fish and other protein can perform better in the class. Even skipping a meal for good exam results is not ideal. It is better that you prepare a schedule for yourself to eat memory boosting foods to perform better in the exam.

Let us see some delicious and healthy recipes that can be helpful for your memory.

Make a Salad Comprised of Green Vegetables

Green leaf vegetables are good to fulfill the hemoglobin requirement of your body and also give power to your brain with the presence of antioxidants and Vitamin B. You can make any combination you want. Let’s try a Korean thing. You can boil for a while some fresh baby spinach leaves, add sesame oil, sesame seed, some black paper, and salt and it’s ready. Have it once in a couple of days during any mealtime with rice. You can have it as a side dish with some tofu and fish.

Fruit Salad with Nuts

Nuts need no introduction when comes to boosting memory. Make it your routine to have a delicious bowl of fruits with some nuts and sugar syrup. Avocados can make it even more rich and healthy. You can make it your breakfast. Nuts can also be added in chicken roast coatings, with fried rice or make a nice shake of them. You will be needing a glass of milk, some cashew nuts, and almonds, walnut, date and just blend it. This is worth having a drink almost every next day. I bet this boost your memory and help you outperform in every subject. You will be able to memorize the rules of writing an essay to a level that soon you can apply as a writing expert. For this, you can see several websites such as do my homework paper or essaypro |

Dark Chocolates Shakes

Dark chocolate tastes a little bitter as it has coca which helps in boosting your memory and building a focus. Eating it is, of course, difficult but you can make a shake of it adding some sugar and milk. Having it in your breakfast can help you concentrate and memorize during the exam days. But it needs to be a consistent effort not one time.

Broccoli Salad

Broccoli is not only known for its anti-cancerous properties but also famous for having vitamin C and K that can keep your memory at a speedy track. What you can do is to add it in a mix steam vegetable platter, add some lemon juice and salt. This is amazing but if you want to taste something meaty with it, add some fried or steamed shrimps in it.

Scrambled Egg with Toast

Egg and milk is a must for students. You can experiment with the eggs and have it once a day in any form.

Bone Soup

You can make oxtail soup or bone broth with some green vegetables added at the end. This is also good for memory boosting purposes and strengthening your bones and teeth.