Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Bathroom Lights

Your Bathroom Lights

Lights play a huge part in accentuating the aesthetic of your house. While the lights are quite crucial to the bedroom, living area and kitchen, it doesn’t play a more magnificent role than the bathroom lights. 

The greatest thing about lights is that you have absolute freedom with the way you want them. The concept of dimmers has been a huge blessing to most interior designing settings. 

Check out this blog to get ideas on how to make the most out of your bathroom lighting

Add two units of light beside either side of the mirror

While installing lights on the ceiling can have proved to be helpful when it comes to illuminating the whole room, we don’t need that kind of decoration here. You need the most amount of luminescence while grooming yourself and the only place you engage in that activity is in front of the mirror. Therefore, not only will flanking the mirror with lights look exceptionally elegant, but it will also come in handy when you apply makeup or shave.  

A strict no to lights atop the mirror

Contrary to popular opinion, this is a very bad idea when it comes to functionality. A lot of people would argue about its usability mentioning that it functions pretty well in changing rooms. Although it is true, you have to understand that a changing room is filled with lights: the only position the lights occupy isn’t atop the mirror. They either surround the mirror or have lights installed at different angles to give you a flattering reflection. 

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On the other hand, installing lights just over the head of the mirror would shed uneven light on your face offering you an uncomplimentary image. 

Make sure that the lights reach every corner of the room

This point might sound like it is posed as a complete opposite to the first one. However, that is not true. We would still say that flanking your mirror with lights is embellishing but make sure that it does not refute the entire idea of installing lights. 

To ensure that, you can adjust a couple more lights on the ceiling alongside installing a few to just concentrate on the mirror. 

In reality, the correct positioning of lights in your bathroom can only be determined, keeping in mind the structure of the room. For example, if you have an elongated but narrow bathroom, you might need some extra lights. However, if your bathroom is wide and short in length, just the mirror lights may be enough. 

Layer your lights

If a luxury look is what you are aiming for, then layering lights is your way to go. Keep the makeup lights separate and only limited to the vanity space. Decorate the walls with some artwork or a shelf and put a light beside the same as an accompaniment. 

Wall lights or wall sconces are a wonderful idea in terms of decoration or layered lights. They would go very well in the bathtub area or with any wall decor. 


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