Improve Privacy In Five Steps In 2020

VPN for Torrenting

There are many types of VPNs available in the market. Well, it’s a long list like VPN for TorrentingVPN for Gaming, VPN for Streaming, VPN for Filesharing and Hotspot VPN.

In this article, we are going to show you some primary areas of computers or mobile networking, which areas should be secured with the VPN or Virtual Private Network system to enhance the privacy or security of your devices.

The modern-day technology has developed this VPN or Virtual Privet Network system to give you top-notch privacy while surfing the internet. In a single word, a VPN is a private network within a public network. There are various types of Virtual Privet Networks available in the market, but basically, they are either Tunneling VPN or Encryption VPN. Let’s clear both the concepts of VPN.

Tunneling VPN: This is the first step, or you could say the fundamental process of creating a point to point connection. This allows you to send your important data through a private channel, although this is not the safest way of sending your precious data through a public network. Therefore, the Encryption VPN comes which is much more secure compared with Tunneling VPN.

Encryption VPN: This process allows you not only to send data through privet or point to point tunnel but also provide you with one of the most secured means of protecting your precious data. In Tunneling VPN the data you send through a network is visible to the ISP or Internet Service Provider of that particular network, even the receiver also could look into your personal data.

But, Encryption VPN is an automated process of sending data through public data where no one is allowed to have any access over your data except your desired one. However, the modern-day VPN service providers now provide encrypted VPNs only, and they have almost thrown the primitive tunnel VPN.     

There are a dozen of VPN service providers available in the market, but before knowing that we must understand that why should we use VPN service on our PC or laptop. In this article, you will get to know about the main or primary five sections of our computing through network.

Torrents are famous among all the tech-savvy because it is one of the most popular among the modern file downloading networks. In spite of holding the actual data, torrents hold all the metadata of a data. That is why it could perform faster while fetching out any data from a network.

But, these torrent file public networks actually contain many malware and unwanted data which could really affect or harm your computer. Often times, many torrent networks contain virus through which you could be a victim of privacy attack. That is why Virtual Privet Network is recommended for a safe practice of torrenting.  

  • VPN for Gaming: 

Nowadays online computer gaming is one of the most favourite co-curricular activities of teenagers. Perhaps you have a couple of online gamers in your house too. Now we must know one thing that when we play online games on the internet, the game uses the public network for sending and receiving data to establish a point to point connection between two different computers.

Even, a multiple computers could be connected through a public network for this online multi-player gaming. Now the problem is that during the exchange of data, any unethical hacker could establish an unwanted connection with your computer or network and hack all the essential data through your open network. That is why we should definitely use a VPN while gaming online.

  • VPN for Streaming: 

These days online streaming is one of the most profitable and favorite among all the internet people across the globe. At the initial period of online streaming, people used to upload and watch small contents through online streaming networks. Nowadays, it has changed the entire shape of the entertainment industry.

People are even watching movies, web-series, video songs and various other contents through these online streaming networks. Although, major popular networks are already secured with their most advanced encryption process like Netflix, YouTube, Prime Videos and so and so forth.

But, there are also other public networks those who are providing streaming service, and we are still not that sure about their security and encryption reliability. So, people those who are regular online streamers should definitely look into VPN services for streaming.

  • VPN for Filesharing:  

File sharing is one of the major and orthodox reasons for having an internet connection in your house or office. In our office, we often send various important files through the internet or network.

But, if the network you use is not protected with VPN Encryption, then you might invite security and privacy threat towards the data you send through the network.

Some offices or even home PC contains vulnerable financial or privet details oriented data, and sometimes we send them too through the network.

If, you are sending all the vulnerable data of your computer without any protection, then you might allow others to peep in your precious data, and that could be fatal. There is plenty of VPNs for Filesharing are available in the market.

  • Hotspot VPN: 

After the rapid advancement of mobile technology, the hotspot sharing has achieved a huge popularity among internet users. But, let us warn you, that whenever you create a hotspot form your mobile or even from your router you might invite some unwanted users of your ISP or Internet Service Provider to peep in your private data.

Then what should we do now? How to secure our hotspots from malicious or unwanted users of our network. The simplest way is VPN Hotspot sharing. There are plenty of VPN Hotspot service providers available in the market. By installing those programs, you can easily prevent any unwanted interference.


Above mentioned five major sections what we often use in our regular life, computing or as an office employee. By protecting those networks of our internet, we can enjoy a seamless and secure experience of computing.

The commercial houses or the offices already have the best practice regarding VPN or Virtual Privet Networking due to their security reasons. However, the home users are still unaware of VPN Security service, and as soon as possible, they should adopt this practice for their good.

However, the reliability of VPNs is subject to little RND. If you have a slight knowledge of internet surfing, then you will be able to find some of the most trusted VPNs of present time on Google.