Influencer Marketing Trends to Watch in the Social Commerce Space

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The coming era is going to be an era of influencer marketing. Influencers are going to be more beneficial for social commerce space because there are multiple new trends rising on the horizon. These trends, when implemented into social commerce, will turn a wave of better prosperity and higher brand awareness for social media stores. But understanding all those dynamic influencer marketing trends and witnessing them live is still a quest you’d be interested to explore. Welcome and let me share those blazing influencer marketing trends that will change the mode of social commerce space.

Top Influencer Marketing Trends To Watch in The Social Commerce Space

Whenever you see an influencer doing something different or following a new way to inspire the audience, this is called a trend. Influencers, with their unique style, niche specific content ideas and crispy video content are often working hard to engage with their audience. In that regard, here are top influencer marketing trends that we can expect to see in the near future.

Integrating AI into Influencer Content Creation

Where Ai is taking part in almost every field of life, influencers are also inspired to bring it as a trend. AI modules and machines are helping creators find useful ideas. These tools making it a lot easier to provide topics, make and edit videos, add voiceovers and create valuable scripts. All of this is bringing a new trend in the influencer marketing. With the help of AI, creators and influencers now can create tons of useful videos. They can engage with their audience with new and interactive ideas. Gone are the days when an influencer has to spend hours on finding useful and niche related content. Because this AI era and the coming advancement is much beneficial for them!

Short Form Content

That period is gone when people have had a time to spend hours watching brand stories and other long form video content. These days, people have less time and they want a message to be delivered in seconds. That’s why, a new trend is influencing the influencers to create short form content. We call such content reels. People make thousands of reels on famous platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and even YouTube. This helps the influencers grow followers on Instagram and do brand promotion in a unique style. This short form content trend is changing and burying the long form content.

People Spending More Money on TikTok

With ever changing business landscape, TikTok is becoming more popular day by day. That’s because in one survey, an average person spends almost 31 hours in a week on watching TikTok. This is more than watching stuff on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Moreover, TikTok has introduced TikTok Marketplace where social e-commerce is taking a new step in the future of online business. A trend is changing because brands and social media store holders are investing more money on TikTok.

One reason for doing such investment is realizing that TikTok is a place full of thousands of influencers. Here, its easier to do your brand promotion and gain real followers on TikTok store than any other social media platform.

Live Shopping Is in Trend With Influencers

As the world is going ahead, technology is shaping this world in a new direction. A new concept of live shopping is being introduced. Therefore, brands are hiring influencers for their live shopping broadcasts channels to guide the customers and also do the brand promotion. With this, influencer market is going to take a new leap. Because with demanded competition and requirements of Live Broadcast on every social media store, the need for niche specific influencers will rise.

Influencers are Changing Their Content To Become Niche Specific

Hardly you find an influencer promoting all kind of products at the same social profile. That’s not true and that’s not easy for anyone. Therefore, a new trend in influencer marketing is persuading the Social Commerce Market. Here, new and established influencers are changing their content in doing what they know the best. It could be about sharing beauty tips. It could be buying clothes of various brands and trying them on then sharing your thoughts. Niche specific influencers are also making videos on jewelry, nail polishing, shoes trends and more. This is helping and will help the brands as well as social media stores to collaborate with their products related influencers only. Not only this bring target customers to your store. But it is also helpful in making more profit out of your online business.

No More Filters Game

Smartphones like iPhone devices are enabling influencers to create compelling content wherever they are. With these smartphone cameras, the trend of using filters is no more. Influencers are not shy anymore in posting the real pictures taken with their camera. This is helping the customers find real facts about a product or a service.

Last Thoughts:

Hence, these are some widely accepting influencer marketing trends that are entering into the social commerce market. These are not only helpful for the influencers only. But such trends are also going to change the business dealings of these online brands. So, collab with us and let us know what type of unique trend you are setting for your Social media store? We’d love to hear your story!