Long-Term vs. One-Off Influencer Campaigns for Social Media Stores

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While collaborating with influencers and creating such campaigns for social media store success, it’s crucial to consider long-term Vs One-Off Influencer campaigns. Sometimes, we are not expecting much and we consider only one-off influencer collaboration. On the other hand, long term collaboration comes where you have long term goals to succeed and dominate social media marketing. But finding which one works better for your social media store success is still a significant concept to understand.

Here, in this article, you will learn a difference between long term vs. one off influencer campaigns of social media stores. This is highlighted with possible advantages and disadvantages to find which one works better for us. So, don’t skip reading till the end.

What Are One-Off Influencer Campaigns?

Influencer campaigns that include only one time collaboration of social media stores with influencers are One-Off influencer campaigns. In this type of collaborations or campaigns, you ask an influencer to create a short reel, post, story tagging or anything mentioning your brand or a specific product and service. This way, you can attract the followers of an influencer toward your brand for just one time. Influencers create stunning Social Media Store posts or content which engages with their audience. When this audience hears about your brand, they take a visit to your social profile. It is aligned with a specific goal. For example, you collaborate with an influencer for just one time to increase your Facebook store followers. It happens when that influencer shares your story on their profile.

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Best Practice for One Off Collaboration:

One of the best practices for one off collaboration with influencers is sending Gifts to celebrities. You can send them and ask them to review those gifted products on their profile. This way, one time collaboration is always fruitful because an influencer is happy and willing to share your brand voice with the followers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of One Off Collaboration

Describing one-off collaborations, there are certain advantages and disadvantages you need to consider. When you focus on such advantages and disadvantages, you can clearly understand whether it is fruitful for your social media store or not.

Advantages Of One-Off Collaboration

One off collaborations are best for specific events or holidays. For example, brands can use these for Black Fridays, New York Eves, Easter, or Halloween.

These are good when you don’t have a high budget to spend on influencer marketing.

It’s best to take one-off collaboration when you are offering a certain discount or coupons on your products.

These influencer marketing campaigns are easier to set than those long term influencer campaigns.

Reporting with one-off campaigns is easier than such long term campaigns.

Also, one off campaigns with influencers can be used for specific targeted audiences in a specific segment.

Disadvantages of One-Off Campaign

One off influencer campaigns are not really helpful for long term success.

Your one time collaboration might get lost among other high end influencer’s sponsorships.

You have to understand that Social Media Platforms algorithms are ever changing. There is no guarantee that whether or not your one time post will stay in the feed or not.

What Are Long Term Influencer Campaigns?

When you work for long term influencer marketing campaigns with your influencers, you set long term collaborations. Here, your goals are aligned for an ever needed success. You invite such influencers to become your brand ambassador. Moreover, this collaboration goes beyond what’s measured or asked for a single time requirement. In the long term influencer market, you have goals of meeting extended brand awareness. We also work on increasing more followers and at the end of the day, the purpose is to generate more sales.

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Best Practices for Long Term Influencer Collaboration:

This involves considering many things. For example, how a specific influencer relates to your brand message or story. You also figure out the budgeting concept and more to help yourself out in creating this level of partnership with an influencer. But to collaborate, we often send email proposals and long term contract deals!

Advantages and Disadvantages for Long Term Influencer Collaboration:

Specific pros and cons related to long term influencer collaboration covers the following:


It helps your brand build long term trust, credibility and engagement

You build high brand following and increase your brand awareness

Usually the influencers become your long term brand ambassadors

This helps you save costs for a long term contract. Ultimately, you bring more and continuous content for your brand.

Build more success over the coming years.

It also gives benefit to the creators as they can plan their content calendar ahead of its posting dates


These collaborations require comprehensive reporting.

You also need to set up a good team to take care of everything.

Sometimes, the costs are high with long term influencer collaborations

You might need to create comprehensive plans according to the current and future demands for your store brands.

Which one Is Best for You?

Coming to conclusion, you can choose either of these depending on your brand’s requirements. If you already have a high fan following and don’t need to grow your store, consider One Off collaboration for specific events and discount periods. On the other hand, when you have no brand following and you want to build some, consider long term collaboration. It all depends on your needs and budgeting for influencer marketing!




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