Influencer Transparency: Ensuring Authenticity in Promotions

Influencer Transparency

Influencers are becoming one of the greatest source for promoting your brands or products on social media. When a brand is recommended by an influencer, it has more prosperity. It has more reach, higher awareness, and engagement overall. But how do you track influencer transparency in their practice? Yes, it’s a great deal to learn to ensure authenticity and credibility in promotions, Doing a proper check and balance on your influencer’s activities related to your brand promotion.

Remember, you have paid the price. And this is what you required to do to keep a proper check and balance on influencer’s transparency!

Things to Put in Practice For Keeping a Proper Checkup on Influencer’s Transparency:

There are numerous things to take your eyes on when it comes to do a proper checkup on influencer. I’ll explain some of the best practices you can apply. And I can assure you that such practices will help you do perfect auditing of an influencer becoming a part of your social media store promotion!

1. Choose Influencers Who Are Aligned With Your Brand Voice

The first mistake we do is that we choose influencers who don’t have a single similarity with our brand’s core values and objectives. It doesn’t matter if an influencer has millions of followers. That’s because he might not be a good fit for your specific brand. And sometimes, even a person with just 1000 followers can become your voice because of the alignment of your offerings with his profile content. So, to enhance brand trust and credibility, choose influencers who have a dynamic past related with your Store Products.

Choosing such influencers for a social media store on Instagram not only build brand awareness. But it also increases your Instagram store followers.

2. Check Influencer’s Engagement and Post Reach

The second crucial thing to consider for an excellent transparency is the engagement and reach level of influencer’s content. Check out how things are working in their favor. This ensures whether your influencers are performing great recently. Or they have suffered with lower engagement and post reach metrics. Help yourself and choose only the influencers with an astonishing post engagement rate.

3. Set Clear Guidelines and Expectations

To keep more transparency and authenticity in the process, establish some clear guidelines. These guidelines should educate the influencer about how aesthetically and professionally he has to promote your social media store. Set all the expectations to hope for in the long run and determine some clear goals you want to achieve. Your influencer should be constantly engaged in promoting your products and services by sharing engaging and meaningful content online.

4. Ask Influencers To Disclose Paid Promotion Content

Some influencers do not share with the public whether the content they are sharing is paid promotional or not. Therefore, for a handsome amount of transparency, ask the influencers to disclose all those promotional posts. They should tell their users or followers whether it is their personal post. Or they are promoting a specific brand’s products and services after charging a reasonable price.

5. Do Constant Monitoring Of Influencer’s Content

Its always a good practice to constantly monitor the content being generated by the influencers. Brands do this to ensure that such content should perfectly aligned with brand’s voice and messaging.  

As a responsible brand, you need to share frequent feedbacks on influencers published content. This will motivate them to do more. Or there could be some things to bring a latest change in posting.

6. Aware of Influencers Authenticity

Sometimes, we see an influencer’s profile with millions of followers and go dying to ask them promote our products or services. But what if those followers are fake? Therefore, this is a potential risk that brands might have. To mitigate such risk, hire a social media expert who can do the comprehensive influencer’s social media profile analysis for you. This way, you can find out whether such influencer has determined the upper level of transparency from the beginning. Or it could be an end for such collaboration.

7. Keep an Eye on Influencer’s Overall Behavior

Just like the individuals and the best of us, an influencer’s behavior could go wrong sometimes. You have to check out how that influencer is in the eyes of followers and in public. If there are no recent records to make a judgement, it’s a good sign. You can keep your terms clear with such influencer and ask him to promote your brand products for the coming days. But if an influencer has visited jail recently, it can impact your brand’s overall profile and decrease its credibility.

8. Measure Your ROI with Influencer’s Marketing Efforts

The last thing for an extended level of transparency assurance is measuring overall return on investment for your brand. You have to check out how those recent influencer’s efforts have resulted for your brand. Check out for significant increase in followers, brand engagement, post reach, or revenue enhancement.

Wrapping Up:

Keeping higher level transparency by influencers not only enable them to do well for their current brand. But it also brings more opportunities from other social media store brands. Besides, when an influencer is what he describes himself, brands reach excellent growth. And ultimately, both parties enjoy the benefits.