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Introduction of Studio Movie Grill

Studio Movie Grill is perceived as the innovator in the in-theater dining experience. Known for its extravagance recliners and cutting edge projection and sound, the scene additionally flaunts a newly arranged American Grill menu and a full-administration bar. Provide first-class hospitality for your visitors with a private pre-screening of the most recent blockbuster or exemplary film. Visitors will enjoy dinner, including beer and wine, while being entertained by your preferred film. Your gathering can likewise exploit an amplifier and tables for any pre-movie introductions.



Pick one entrée

  • Cavatappi pasta with darkened chicken – darkened chicken, cavatappi pasta, bacon, green and red onions, southwestern cream sauce, toasted sourdough bread
  • Fajita quesadilla – steak or darkened chicken, spinach, onions, Colby cheddar, poblano peppers, jalapeños, sharp cream, fire-broiled salsa, on top of tortilla chips, french fries, sweet potato fries or occasional organic product
  • Chicken tenders – coconut or firm tenders, nectar mustard dipping sauce, on top of french fries, sweet potato fries or rare natural product
  • Sirloin steak sandwich – sirloin steak, green ringer peppers, yellow onions, mushrooms, dissolved queso, chimichurri aioli

• Beer and wine (two drink tickets per person)


• It’s contemporary and agreeable: The most recent advanced projection and sound combine with extravagance recliners to make an unparalleled cinema experience.

• Elevated charge: Why settle for popcorn and soft drink when you can enjoy dinner and wine or beer with your movie?


Subject to accessibility. Subject to the principles and guidelines of the scene.


Free, Lot

More Details About Studio Movie Grill

You might be mature enough to recall flipping to the newspaper’s movie segment to get the performance center occasions as you were planning your Saturday afternoon. Or on the other hand possibly your first movie planning was through Fandango (presently 20 years of age, on the off chance that you can accept that).

Growing up, going to the movies was an experience like none other. There was nothing very like dipping buttered hands into a monster shared tub of popcorn (sharing is caring with regards to pre-high schooler germs). Candy was all the more exciting when it was bundled in a container. At the point when we were kids, even Coke, some way or another, tasted better at the movie theater.

Over our lifetimes, movies have been a Christmas Day convention for somewhere in the range of a rainy day go-to for other people. Activity flicks, Star Wars, special impacts were all must-find in-the-theater events.

However, we once in a while observe films in the venue nowadays. A June 2019 survey uncovered just 14 percent of grown-ups see a movie in an auditorium once every month. Practically 50% of us go about once per year.

However, this isn’t an article about nobody going to the movies any longer. Actually: Studio Movie Grill, appraised reliably as one of the quickest developing organizations in the U.S., has opened its second Charlotte area. You can even watch amazing movies online as well! 


SMG began in 1998. The organization declared an extension in June in the wake of receiving a $100M capital investment in April. This extension adds 50 new screens to an existing 333 screens in 10 states, including its new Charlotte spot.

SMG’s first Charlotte area opened in 2013 at Epicenter in uptown. At 5336 Docia Crossing Road off Prosperity Church Road in Prosperity Village, the subsequent one opened in December with ten screens and 1,022 extravagance recliners.

What makes this venue worth putting on pants for when the Netflix line is generally so high? (Looking at you, unwatched scenes of Schitt’s Creek, You and all the yet-to-be-released binge-commendable most loved coming not long from now.)

CharlotteFive chose to find out. We went to SMG’s media day on a rainy Monday afternoon and submerged ourselves in the experience.

More Details

Jenelle Zadik is the territory chief for Studio Movie Grill, which as of late, opened its second area in Prosperity Village.

“The short answer is we are an entertainment experience,” Jenelle Zadik, region chief for Studio Movie Grill, told CharlotteFive. “We realize people will remain at home and watch ‘Iron Man III’ for the fourth time. Be that as it may, there’s something truly cool about going to see a movie in a theater. You truly have this one of a kind experience where people get together around social occasions and story experiences. We find a workable pace the entirety of that in this space where you find a good pace and wine with people you generally care about.”

Here are the five reasons to get off the lounge chair and go see a movie:


You have a built-in tray table. You can recline. With more than 1,000 of these spots at the new SMG, you don’t need to arrive right on time to get a decent seat — they are on the whole great seats


Popcorn and candy are fun. However, dinner and a movie are shockingly better. Pick your extravagance seat, press the administration button on the tray table. At that point, a server will come to take your order. It’ll all come to you, and you’ve not stayed with the undesirable extra buttered popcorn, candy, and pop. Search for Impossible Burgers and hummus instead.

There are numerous new food offerings at the new Studio Movie Grill in Prosperity Village. 

Our top picks: Heirloom Tomato Avocado Toast with grilled onion, avocado spread on toasted flatbread with radishes, tomato and arugula ($10); or the Sesame-Seared Ahi Tuna Bowl (demonstrated as follows) with Seared Ahi Tuna, Edamame, Mango, Sesame Slaw, Forbidden Rice, Crispy Wontons and Sesame Lime Dressing ($15).

Studio Movie Grill in Prosperity Village offers a Sesame-singed Ahi Tuna Bowl for $15. 

Also, the menu changes two times every year. Pro tip: Show up 20 minutes ahead of schedule so you can order before the movie starts. You can even order your subsequent drink and sweet early, and your server will stun your courses.


“I surmise perhaps their mystery is booze?” CharlotteFive’s Heidi Finley pondered so anyone might hear as we theorized about SMG’s prosperity. She’s onto something here. Order a Cruzan Mango Mojito (Cruzan Mango Rum, new lime juice, strawberries and mint ($10).

Three taps are held for neighborhood specialty beers. SMG offers its own wine — and wine specials.

Studio Movie Grill will have a choice of 3 neighborhood drafts, its own image of wine and specialty mixed drinks. 


In the event that the movie was acceptable, you’ll need to talk through all the plot points with your companions and outsiders the same. All of you simply experienced something extraordinary together, so you would prefer not to go straight home after. On the off chance that the movie wasn’t acceptable, well — the booze will be flowing for you at that point, as well.

Regardless of whether you don’t possess energy for a movie, swing in for dinner. On the off chance that you work remotely, visit for the free WiFi and comfortable corners, and have lunch while you make your most recent deadline.

Moreover, the parlor at the new Studio Movie Grill in Prosperity Village is open to the general population past ticket holders and has free WiFi. 


At the point when you’re at home, the interruptions of life will in general, dominate. Does any other individual interruption their preferred shows to browse a brisk email or attempt to perform various tasks by sorting the clothing while at the same time watching the most recent Amazon Prime release? While we’re all occupied and once in a while the movie needs to fill in as foundation, that shouldn’t generally be the situation. Slow down and go out to see the films and inundate yourself in the enchantment from time to time. You have two or three hours to save for experience, regardless of whether it doesn’t feel like you do.

Special needs screenings are additionally offered once every month, with tangible mindfulness: the lights are up, and the sound is down.

New Openings

Studio Movie Grill, as of late, opened its second Charlotte area in Prosperity Village.

That thought of experience is by all accounts, the main driver of SMG’s prosperity. The organization is centered around keeping the display industry and theater-going alive and thriving, Brian Schultz, Founder, and CEO of SMG told CharlotteFive. “We can say achievement originates from our warm and welcoming spaces, extravagance recliners, and the capacity to order crisp. Alongwith specially made food and drinks served at your seat. What better approach to bringing a family or gathering companions together than over an epic story and specially made food?” he said.

“However, I think the genuine mystery to our prosperity is our feeling of network. Our people group outreach, tactile agreeable screenings, gave film occasions and Movies + Meals screenings genuinely help us with our crucial open hearts and minds each story in turn,” Schultz said.

“People get off the sofa to be with others, to assist others, however, with enjoying each other’s’ organization. We are here to be that network gathering place.