Filmora9 Video Editor: Best Movie Maker for Windows 10 [Beginner]


I’ve been looking for a good movie maker for Windows10 since I’ve updated my computer from Windows 7 last month. The situation is there is no Movie Maker available in Windows10, and the Photos app features little tools that I need mostly.  After some research, I found an easy-to-use yet powerful enough video editing software, Filmora9 video editor.  And today, you’ll learn my opinions about the Filmora9 editor.

Before we get ourselves absorbed with Filmora9 Review, why not understand the place it holds in the world of video editing and what are the choices it offers. The Wondershare Filmora9 Video Editor has gained a dramatic shift from its previous versions, but it has remained friendly for the beginners. Because of its advanced features and some customization options, it has earned a place among the best video editing software.

What does Filmora9 Occupy?

The core function of filmora9 is that it has efficiently managed to strike a deal between maintaining the simplicity level along with providing necessary tools and features at the same time.

Filmora9 Occupy

It has also given concern to the people who utilize the average tools and features. Its developer community has also kept the interface clean and modern, and most importantly, it is uncluttered at the same time providing easy access to its core features and other functions.

Filmora9 version comes for windows as well as Mac, and it has become a top choice for many video editing professionals. You can buy this video editing software from Wondershare, and if not, then you can purchase it for a yearly subscription easily. There are some strengths of this software that makes it appealing for beginners:

  • It is easy for beginners to learn
  • it has some advanced tools for experienced or veterans
  • It can manage around a hundred video and audio tracking tools
  • It comes with some add on packages containing various useful effects and templates.

You can download the latest version of Filmora9 and get all the benefits that Filmora9 features.

Getting started from the first segment

When the user opens this program, the general splash screen is presented first. It gets displayed to fix the tone of editing with the platform indulging the relevant data and information which is required to get going through the process. The user can easily perform below-mentioned tasks-

  • Make a selection with the aspect ratio based upon the project or the video and get an insight with the expected output which you are looking to build
  • Some of the modern devices ratios as- 1:1 in Instagram, 9:16 in portrait, 4:3 in standard definition, 21:9 in cinema widescreen are also covered in filmora9
  • The user can easily select a new project to open the existing one

filmora9 software

In this software, an option is provided on the right to show the list of recent projects, and if you want to reopen any one of them, then you can do it to continue the work. Once it is done, a full editing interface will be displayed.

The user interface

The most helpful feature of filmora9 is that it has a straightforward user interface with no hidden options or menus. This ultimately means that while working over the projects, you won’t have to deal with endless menu trees or features.

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In this menu, three different sections are mentioned, and all of them can be adjusted accordingly to meet any particular target.

  • The first section- refers to the library area where the user can store and organize the video, image assets, audio along with handling the access to filters, transitions, effects, and so on. One can also import media files with the help of loading footage tools named instant cutter. This tool suggests the user, along with isolating the segments of the video and renders them down immediately to the new files. It is an efficient manner to preprocess the video footage before it can reach the library. It also saves time and resources.

first section of filmora

  • The second section- it refers to the preview window where the user can easily play individual clips one by one, a fragment of the project or complete project can also be played before exporting it to the library.

second section of filmora

  • The third section- refers to the timeline where the user can add, edit, or arrange the video clips, image files, or audio files. One of the simplest process in editing where the user can drag and drop the things to the timeline and run it on a magnetic system causing assets to remain together automatically.

The third section of filmora

Filmora9 is among the best video editing software available for Windows or Mac platforms. This software comes with a variety of features and optimizing options and advantages. The latest version is far better than the earlier one. The developers of filmora9 have made several improvements with its performance, editing, developing skills, and so on.

Editing tools of filmora9

Several editing tools are available in filmora9 editing software that offers excellent control that you can have over the final video clipping. Some of them are-

  1. Transform
  2. Compositing
  3. Stabilization
  4. Chroma key
  5. Lens correction
  6. Drop shadow
  7. Auto enhance

There are 7 style tools available that offer maximum customization levels to the user and allows them to fine-tune images it’s on video. Lens correction tool can be easily applied to the action Cams data built already into the program in the form of presets because of their properties to lenses are already known.

Editing tools of filmora9

Transform tools allow the user to control over size or rotation. Composing tools allow the user to band multiple modes to overlay or transition. Drop Shadow tool adds Shadow to the images of video to give them a more professional look. One can always bypass any of this process and manually set them as per their requirement.

  • Colour correction- editing of the videos is incomplete without dedicated color correction techniques and modules that can easily allow the users to color correct them as well as enhance their quality. Filmora 9 offers all the essential color correction models to the user through which they can upgrade the quality of video using LUT.
  • Green screen- the Chroma key module for green screen is not only capable of handling the single shades of green or blue screen applications, but it can also be used to keep out multiple colors that the user may require to create the effects. It also offers numerous settings to the user to adjust the green screen videos.
  • Transition and effects- this software offers numerous special effects, musical tracks, overlays, sound effects, transitions, and around 51 audio samples consisting of more than 25 sound effects and music tracks. You can utilize all of the features to hide something in the background until you need them.
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Transition and effects

On the top of the list lies modern 135 adjustable title presets, 178 transition tools out of which the majority of them can be customized, more than 155 filters, 87 overlays, 191 mast element. The effects are not limited; rather, a dedicated pan and zoom feature is also provided for the user to add or customize the animations for moving as well as still images. Filmora9 is also provided with motion elements through which the user can drag and drop the moving graphics in the video.

  • Audio equalizer- inside the audio equalizer module, the user can alter the pitch of the track, remove the noise, and can also perform balancing in between them. Moreover, the powerful tool in this segment is a graphic equalizer, which is handy when the user tries to get the audio elements in balance.

Some incredible features of filmora9

Every version of Wondershare Filmora released in the past few years has expanded its possibilities. The latest upgrade brought by filmora9 has definitely opened a new door of improvements in video editing software and made the process smoother.

The user can enjoy plenty of advantages with its revamped video stabilization feature and have the highest precision while editing the files. This software eases the process of video editing and allows users to enhance a large number of colors, create split-screen, PIP effects, and countless other video editing tasks that can be performed on the videos within a few simple clicks. It supports the standard audio, video, DVD, picture files another editing files including-

Input formats

  • Video formats- AVI, DIF, NUT, DV, EVO, RM, TRP, ASF, MPG, VOB, DAT, etc.
  • Audio formats- AAC, APE, CUE, AC3, AIF, WAV, DPE, MKA, M4A, MP3, WMA
  • Photo formats- JPG, JPG, TIF, TIFF, DIB 

Output formats

  • Common audio/video- WMV, FLV, MKV, DVD, MP4 etc.
  • HD video- TS, TRP, MPG, MOV, etc
  • DVD- DVD disc, DVD folder, ISO image file
  • Devices- iPhone devices, HTC, Galaxy S, PSP, etc.

Ease of use

This software has free subscription options, and unlike other software, it does not have limited trials. In terms of performance, it has gained the highest tracking, and if you are familiar with any video editing software, then you will understand the layout and workflow that goes with such software.

Filmora9 has a simple interface as compared to the other customer level video editing software. Its features and tools are also accessible from the main interface so users can easily navigate through the requirements. You will be amazed to know that this software does not have a storyboard mode, which, in contrast to the timeline, represents every element of the project equally despite its length.

Bottom line

Filmora9 has received a significant upgrade under designing from its earlier versions, and the best part is other than the range of its features, the focus of its community is still towards making it simple software in terms of appearance as well as features.

Keeping up with user demands, various tools are incorporated considering the access to its interface. Filmora9 is an incredible video editing software for the creators that can be used on Windows as well as Mac systems. It allows users to create easy tasks with text templates, filters, effects, templates, and many others on a video.


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