The Evolution of Online Gambling in Portugal

Evolution of Online Gambling

What’s your main activity whenever you have some free time? For a long time, casino gaming has been the main activity of many Portuguese. But when did it start and how has it evolved? Online casinos have been part of humankind for the past two decades. They have also been evolving to become better and offer gamers the services they need. Let’s see the evolution of online gambling in Portugal.

Online casino gaming is not a new phenomenon. However, it was not until 1996 when the number began to rise. Various countries have also created an ideal gambling environment for the casino companies, thus propelling their progress.

Portugal is among the countries that have undergone an evolution of online gambling. We linked up with our expert gamer Victoria Oliveira  to enlighten you about the gambling evolution in the country. Read on to find out.

Where did the online casinos start

Before 1994, most gamers had to visit their nearest land-based casinos to enjoy the gaming services Online Cricket Betting ID
However, that did not go beyond 1994. It’s the year that marked the beginning of online gambling. It saw many changes in the gambling industry that made many gamers join the industry.

The Isle of Man is the home of the first online casino. The Gaming Club -the name of the first web casino. It became an ideal venue for most of the residents then. Another breakthrough in the same year was the passing of the Free Trade and Processing Act.

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It was implemented by Barbuda and Antigua, allowing the casino operators to apply for licenses and gambling authorisation. The steps taken by the two countries saw the popularity of online casinos rise tremendously.

The situation of online gambling in Portugal

Since the emergence of online casinos in Portugal and its neighbouring countries, the Portuguese players have been at the forefront of joining them. The government has been doing much to make the Cricket ID gambling atmosphere friendly for gamers.

The competition in the sector began to become stiff in the 2000s because the number of operators also increased. That made them employ better ways of outshining the rest, which has seen them prosper globally up to date. Since 2011 when online gaming became a major thing, these platforms have been adopting some of the latest trends to tap more customers and keep the existing ones.

How has the online casino sector evolved?

Mobile gaming

Smartphones have become vital in making life enjoyable. Almost everyone owns one, and that allows them to access the variety of services they need. Their development came when they were needed the most by Portugal players.

That’s because most businesses had also begun to shift to the eCommerce sector to make their services available to their loyal and new customers. Fortunately, mobile gaming companies also embraced the change.

They have developed games that are compatible with the common operating systems of the gaming devices. There are also gaming apps available on the mobile play store, making it convenient for the gamers to access the games from anywhere. Most of the sites reviewed at either have downloadable apps or are compatible with mobile devices. 

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Introduction of live dealer games

For a long time, most gamers were used to playing Blackjack, Baccarat, and Poker. But after some time, innovation led to the development of better games that give the gamers a different experience.

They always wanted games that would allow them to interact with the dealers. In collaboration with the casino gaming providers, the game developers opted to create live dealer games to meet the rising demand among the players. 

Currently, Portugal casinos are offering such games, giving the gamers a similar experience to that of the land-based casinos.

Blockchain technology

The gamers were initially transacting on the casinos through eWallets, Paypal, and Credit/Debit cards. However, most casinos currently accept the use of cryptocurrency. The blockchain technology that powers the cryptocurrencies ensures that there is complete anonymity. It’s also fast and makes transactions safer and reliable. 

As you can see from the history of online gambling, the future of Portugal’s gaming space remains bright. Don’t hesitate to invest in the Portugal gambling sector because you will not regret the move. Also, you will get better returns that will make your venture grow according to your desires.


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