Top Customer Engagement Measurement Software Metrics You Should Try Today

Customer Engagement Measurement Software Metrics

As a business, you should focus your efforts on creating self-serve applications with excellent customer experience. This way, your customers will easily access what they need, whenever they need it.

But how do you know if your customer engagement efforts are successful? How do you know if users are satisfied with your products and services? You have all the information right here. Below are important metrics to help you measure customer engagement.

Activity Time

Activity time is the total time a user spends surfing the internet and interacting with the offered service. But this doesn’t include the time when the user is idle. Usage is measured according to the number of times a user visits the service as well as the elapsed time they spend in utilizing it.

Visit Frequency

How frequently users return to your service reflects the value they get from it. And this is commonly referred to as visit frequency. When it comes to customer behavior, visit frequency yields numerous patterns. So, you need to identify the pattern that’s most relevant to your business and monitors customers against that pattern. For instance, if you expect a user to visit every day, consider measuring it against that. And if you specialize in seasonal services and expect your customers to visit only during holidays, look for a suitable pattern for that.

Core User Actions

Another indicator of customer satisfaction is the Core User Actions. If a user is constantly performing core actions through your platform, it means that they’re positively adopting your service. When users explore new options and start using them, your service grows and customers feel happier interacting with your service.  They’ll come back over and over again.  

On the other hand, if a customer isn’t performing Core User Actions, whilst still spending time on your service, it could be that they aren’t able to access this feature. If that’s the case, you need to conduct further investigations that the user and your product offering are on track.

Why Quantify Customer Engagement?

When combined together, Activity Time, Core User Actions, and Visit Frequency uncover the level of customer engagement for your web application or service. But to get the right combination of user engagement metrics for your business, you need to accurately predict or model the expected user behavior.

Measuring your customer engagement rate and then optimizing is crucial to the success of your business. It will help you build a loyal customer base and a company brand that’s set for long-term success.

But what’s a customer engagement rate? Basically, the engagement rate refers to the percentage of customers in a particular service who remain active over a specific period of time. With this information, you can easily identify potential dangers in your business long before you reach the worst state.

The Bottom-Line

When it comes to measuring customer engagement, there are three metrics you can use- activity time, visit frequency, and core user actions.

Wondering how this work? Relax. The above information will help you manage customer relationships and establish a loyal customer base. So, what are you still waiting for? Implement those strategies and take your business success to the next level.