Understanding what causes bartholin cyst, it’s treatment and cure

What causes bartholin cyst

Bartholin cysts are a usual gynaecological condition that can bring issues and disturbance for women. Placed on one side of the vaginal opening, the Bartholin’s glands act in an essential role in secreting lubricant during sexual arousal. Although, these glands can at times form cysts, leading to uncomfortable pain, and probable complications. The Bartholin’s glands secrete fluid that acts as a lubricant during conjugation. The fluid flows down little tubes known as ducts into the vagina. If the ducts are blocked by any chance, they can fill up with fluid and that is what causes a Bartholin cyst. In this article, you will check what causes bartholin cyst, symptoms and few treating measures.

What Causes Bartholin Cysts

Blockage of Ducts:

The most usual reason for Bartholin cysts is the blockage of the gland’s ducts. Multiple factors can take up to this disruption, such as pain to the specific region, infections, or an elevation in the width of the gland’s size. When the fluid cannot get out freely, it gathers up, leading to the development of a cyst.

Bacterial Infections:

Bacterial infections, specifically those caused by sexually transmitted bacterias or viruses like gonorrhoea or chlamydia, can assist in the formation of Bartholin cysts. These infections might lead to pain and usual blockage of the gland’s ducts.

Bad Hygiene:

Maintaining good personal hygiene is essential for preventing various gynaecological issues, including Bartholin cysts. Bad hygiene habits can lead to the gatheration of bacteria in the genital region, elevating the risk of infections and cyst happening.

Bad Hygiene

Hormonal Disbalances:

Hormonal imbalance can also act in a catastrophic role of what causes bartholin cyst. Alteration in hormone levels during the periods cycle or menopause may impact on the gland’s secretions, making it easier for blockages.

Foreign Elements:

In some severe incidents, foreign elements such as tampons or tissue paper pieces might accidentally get stuck in the gland’s duct, taking your body to the development of a cyst.

Symptoms of Bartholin Cysts

Bartholin cysts sometimes comes with certain signs and symptoms, which may consist of:

  • Pain and Discomfort:

One of the basic signs of a Bartholin cyst is pain or uncomfortable feeling around the vaginal area. The essentiality of the pain may change depending on the size of the cyst and if it turns out to be infected.

  • Swelling and Redness:

The cyst may cause inflammation and redness around the vaginal opening area, turning it into something noticeable and uncomfortable.

  • Difficulty Sitting or Walking:

Bigger cysts might take up to difficulty sitting, walking, or involving in sexual activities due to the compression and discomfort they cause.

  • Feeling of a Lump:

A noticeable lump near the vaginal opening region is a usual sign of a Bartholin cyst.

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  • Fever and Cold:

If the cyst turns infected, it might cause irregular symptoms such as fever and cold, directing the need for instant medical requirement.

Treatment Methods for Bartholin Cysts

As you now know what causes bartholin cyst, and symptoms of it, you need to get some treatment for the same. The proper cure for a Bartholin cyst is based on its size, if it is infected, and the essentiality of symptoms. Usual cure options add in:

Warm Compresses:

Using luke warm compresses to the affected region multiple times a day can help take down pain and induce reduction of the cyst.

Sitz Baths:

Sitz baths include sitting in lukewarm water, which can offer relief and encourage drainage of the cyst.

Required Antibiotics:

If the cyst turns out to be infected, a certain dosage of antibiotics should be prescribed to cure the infection and take down the inflammation.

Opening and Drainage:

In incidents of large, painful, or reacquired cysts, a small surgical method to drain the fluid may be needed.


This surgical method includes making a small cut in the cyst and again stitching the ends to create an opening for drainage, taking down the risk of cyst formation in future.

Quick Lookover

Bartholin cysts might be a reason for discomfort and concern for females, but knowing their causes, signs, and cure options can assist to balance the condition effectively. Good hygiene habits, daily check-ups, and quick intervention can play an essential role in blocking complications and inducing total gynaecological health. If you go through any signs or concerns related to a Bartholin cyst, it is required to look for medical attention immediately for proper diagnosis and cure. Know what causes bartholin cyst and stop it from happening to you.