Better-than-gift wrap ideas for perfect presents

Better-than-gift wrap ideas for perfect presents

The holiday season isn’t here yet, but it’s never too early to search for wrapping ideas. For many of us, the package is as important as the present because we want our gift to stand out.

If you also feel tingling under your skin when you think about picking the perfect present and packing it, then this article is for you. There’s no greatest joy than seeing the bliss on your loved ones’ faces when they unwrap a gift and contains exactly what they wished for. But if you want to daze them the minute, they receive the present, get creative with wrapping. Luckily, with so many ideas at hand, you don’t need to spend a lot of time, money or effort. Instead of buying gift bags like everyone else, pick a unique package and decorate the gift.

We crafted a collection of better-than-gift wrap ideas to explore before the holiday season comes. Are you ready?

World maps for travellers

Are you a traveller? Does your loved one have a passion for exploring the world? Then what better packaging to use than a map.

When travelling often, you rely on your maps to stay on track, so your shelves are stacked with maps. If you share our passion for wandering, then you also have a vast collection of atlases and maps. In fact, they’re the one thing you can never stop buying when you come by a yard sale or thrift shop. The fantastic thing about maps is that they have a generous size, and they’re perfect to wrapping presents. This way, your entire gift is unique because you offer your loved one, not only a present but also a piece you hold dear. Your friends and family probably know your passion for collecting maps, and how precious they’re for you, so offering one of them shows how much you care for them.

Once you cover the gift, finish it with a ribbon bow or a feather. Even a piece of thread would work.

Brown paper is always classy

When you wrap multiple gifts for different people, it isn’t easy to customise each of them, especially if you’re on the run. For big families or corporate parties, it’s best to pick a universal wrap for all gifts. Instead of the black and white packages, everyone makes, pick something organic. Buy from your local supply store recycled brown wrapping paper because it’s classy and fits any taste.

For a unique touch adorn the package with forest fruits, leaves, twigs or dried flowers. We also like to use pine cones when we pack presents for the holiday season.

A piece of news

For the friends connected to their phones, who’re constantly scrolling through social media feeds and are up to date with the latest pieces of news, choose something different. Head to the local thrift shop and look for vintage newspapers. You can find them even at yard sales because some people collect newspapers. For bigger gifts, you may have to stitch multiple newspaper pages to make large sheets, but for small boxes, they work great alone.

If you want to impress your friend with the package, pick newspapers that post reports about subjects they’re interested in. Finish the package with a strip of black ribbon because the dark shade complements the black-and-white colour scheme.

Wrap them in photos

For family celebrations, what better way to customise gifts than wrapping them in candid pictures. Instagram can be an excellent source of inspiration because everyone posts their favourite pictures on social media. You only have to save the photos, print them, and wrap the paper around the presents.

Use a free editing photo program to customise them and apply filters, then print them at home. If you need larger wrapping paper, make a collage with your favourite shots and take them to a local copy shop. Don’t forget to trim off the white margins before wrapping the gifts to achieve a clean look.

A pyramid tour

This article includes many Better-than-gift wrap ideas for people passionate about travelling, and this heading makes no exception. For small but precious gifts, make some pyramid-shaped boxes from a piece of bold coloured card stock. When you receive a little pyramid, it takes you to an exotic place, and you can almost feel the sand under your feet. So, pick a pattern you like, print the template onto a piece of paper, and cut around the shape. Fold the paper in the designed shape, punch a few holes at the top of the sides, fold the lines, and use a piece of ribbon to tie them together at the top. A delicate strip of fabric will add your gift a stylish touch.

Fancy bows

For some gifts, you don’t even need wrapping paper because their package is so stylish it looks excellent on itself. But they look more festive if you adorn them with a fancy bow made from grosgrain ribbon.

Pick a ribbon in a larger width for the bows to look more impressive. If you don’t have a ribbon at hand, use crepe paper. Cut a rectangle out of the paper, fold it in thirds, pinch it in the middle, and use a bit of fabric in a contrasting hue to hold it to the gift.

Recycle and save

For environmentally-aware people, wrap made from recycled materials is the ideal choice. In time, you collected a myriad of paper shopping bags, but some of them are no longer in proper shape to carry goods. Instead of throwing them, cut them in pieces, and wrap your gifts in festive paper. These Better-than-gift wrap ideas works wonderfully for small gifts. Add a bit of colorful ribbon to give your present some personality.

And don’t forget the tag

Use tags to send your friends and family heart-warming messages. Customise them to fit the gift. After you dress the gifts in packages and tie them with fine strings of ribbon, add some holiday tags to tell the receiver whom the gift is from, and send them a warm wish.

Will you give these Better-than-gift wrap ideas a try?