Emoji Guide: How to Use Them Properly

How to Use Them Properly

Communication is always important to us ever since people learned how to talk. It’s the way that someone tells others what they think, what they want, or what they don’t like. Emojis are useful tools to communicate with other people, and it helps them to express their feelings more when messaging or chatting with someone.

It’s also a great way to be connected with your friends or loved ones because you can express your thoughts without the need for words. Because there are still unfamiliar emojis to many people, the article will tackle some of them. And also, it can help you know how to use them and understand their every meaning properly. With that, here’s a guide on how to use them properly.

Fire Emoji ?

This emoji type is an iconic picture of a flame. People can literally use the fire emoji or use it as an indication that something or someone is hot. And also, you can use this emoji to let someone know that they look fabulous or gorgeous. Way back in 2010, this emoji appeared, and it is known to people to be a fire symbol. There are also scenarios that people would call it a hot symbol.

Expressionless Face Emoji ?

This emoji’s image shows a straight face, mouth shut, and closed eyes that are visually represented by a couple of straight lines. It could also mean that you are tired, over it, annoyed, or your patience is at the limit. This expressionless emoji type gives a firm but negative connotation and often used to show small patience with someone or something.

People might also use the emoji if there’s a constant miscommunication with two persons, or if an individual is provoking the texter. This emoji type also appeared way back in 2012. Today, people know it is the Annoyed emoji type. There are also instances that users call it blank face emoji.

Frowning Face Emoji ☹️

When you look at it, it is an image of a face that’s frowning, an unhappy mouth that is curving down. It’s also a version that is more extreme of the face emoji slightly frowning, and these emojis have a similar meaning. People use this emoji type to express disapproval, sadness, and unhappiness. When it appeared way back in 1993, it’s known to be frowny face emoji. People also sometimes mention it as frown emoji.

Oncoming Fist Emoji ?

This emoji type is an image of a hand forming a fist forward, and people use it to “fist bump” someone. When you bump fists with someone, it means that you are close with them, or its a sign of agreement with two people, and it’s also alike as the “high five” signal. Using the oncoming fist emoji is like saying hello with someone or agreeing with them.

This emoji type also appeared way back in 2010. Right now, people mainly know it by the name fist bump emoji, but it is also called punch emoji by many people. There are also times that people mention it as fist pump emoji.


There are always instances that people are out of words, and they don’t know to express their feelings towards others, and these days, there are tools for them to use the way they want to express themselves. What they only need to do is to research and know-how to handle every emoji in the library and use them in any conversation with other individuals. 

Using emoji is also an excellent method to improve the way you communicate with someone via smooth messaging. With that, people won’t have difficulties in showing the recipients the way they feel.