Is It Love or Wasting Your Time?

love or wasting your time?

When we fall in love, we experience unusual euphoria and excitement from the presence of a passion object nearby. We become active, lively, romantic, and demonstrate our best qualities. But time passes, relationships become stable, and calm excitement replaces joyful excitement. Many couples spend more and more time at home and rarely get out somewhere. After some time, people get used to living side by side. We learn a lot about the partner, and the more time passes, the fewer secrets remain unrevealed. The charm of romance disappears, and your previously so exciting relationship becomes boring. Love is gradually becoming a habit. 

Some people live like this for years, then regret the lost time and think that being single and happy is better. Others are afraid of such a relationship and come up with various ways to escape from the routine. But there are people who, on the contrary, are very glad that love passions have subsided, life has become measured and calm. Does love leave when a habit appears?

1.Are you annoyed by everything they do? 

Want to know if love manages your relationship? Or do you live with a partner just out of habit? Pay attention to the following strategy. Ask yourself a question: why many things annoy me now that seemed insignificant at first? My partner champs while eating, forgets to make some purchases, and we don’t do anything together. In other words, everything they do is annoying you. Then you need to seriously think about whether you want to be with this person. This is the best way out. If you don’t, your life will be filled with negative emotions. There will be no love in your relationship. You just start living out of habit.  

2.Do I want to go on romantic dates with them? 

When we are in love, we try to spend time as much as possible together, no matter whether we go to a restaurant or just sit at home and watch a movie the main thing is that we do it together! If the idea that you have to spend time together with your partner seems sad to you and you are ready to do a lot to find reasons for not doing this, this is a huge “red flag”. If an evening with your soulmate is a duty, not a pleasure, it means that the relationship is at an impasse.

3.Do we often fight? 

If you are one of those couples that constantly humiliate each other and even start a scandal by raising your voice, you don’t care about your reputation and your soulmate’s reputation at all, this is a sign that you don’t love. If respect is lost (and shouting at a partner in public is a sign that there is no more talk of respect), then there is no love either. The negative feeds on the negative, so it is useless to wait for the good.

4.Do you automatically say about your love? 

“I love you” are special words. They become even more special when love overwhelms us. This phrase ceases to be valuable when we say it automatically or without desire. The most important thing is to feel loved, and not talk about it. Maybe you just confess love to make it pleasant or not to offend. This means that something is wrong with your relationship. The absence of this phrase may provoke a discussion or quarrel. If so, then in your relationship, there is no longer love. They continue out of habit. 

5.Do you want to surprise your partner? 

Details play an important role. It is various trifles that adorn our lives. There are countless ideas with which you can surprise your partner.

A nice dinner at home, unexpected words of love, a tender note, etc.

A lot of things can be done for this special person. If you stopped paying attention to details, perhaps your relationship is no longer in love.