Is it the End for World of Warcraft? What Could Blizzard do to Bring Fans Back Playing Again?

World of Warcraft

In addition to attracting a sizable fan base, World of Warcraft’s success as an MMORPG has led to the creation of a number of cross-selling items, such as movies and physical goods. More than seven million users check into their WoW accounts every month, yet after seventeen years, it’s starting to seem like the game needs a fresh start. A year ago, the Shadowlands expansion was fantastic, but it now feels like WoW fans are merely playing the game out of habit rather than enjoyment. World of Warcraft’s lifespan may be drawing to a close. 

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What Else Could WoW do To Make the Game More Fun?

There has always been a strong interest in games with a supernatural theme, whether it be World of Warcraft or characters that can utilise spells to overwhelm their opponents, seduce unknown NPCs, or even change the tide of a losing fight are popular choices among game players. Unfortunately, boredom may eat away at the uniqueness of a game in the same way rust does to metal. While Blizzard has enjoyed enormous success, the company has failed to find a method to broaden its most popular product in a way that would appeal to new users. This might explain why other MMORPGs, like Final Fantasy 14, continue to grow in popularity while the number of people playing World of Warcraft is decreasing.

The Downfall of the WoW

Blizzard has recently begun fixing elements of the game that many players felt insulting or inappropriate. Fans of World of Warcraft were pleased by this choice, but it doesn’t appear to have made any difference in the game’s falling momentum. In the game industry, 17 years of success isn’t much to brag about, but just like in other areas of life, there comes a time when things slow down. However, gamers will still like World of Warcraft, but as gaming progresses, the visuals and mechanics of WoW will deteriorate.