Laura Quinn Hawk: Who is A.J. Hawk’s Wife? Everything you need to know about her 

Laura Quinn Hawk
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When it comes to football players, their lives are full of ex-girlfriends, hookups, ex-wives, and rumored relationships. However, A.J. Hawks, a former linebacker in the NBA, has proven to be a one-woman man. That’s right! Today, we are going to converse about Laura Quinn Hawk, wife of popular ex-NFL player A.J. Hawk. Currently, A.J. Hawk is pursuing his career as a Sports Analyst. Did you know? A.J. Hawk, the husband of Laura Quinn Hawk, has played in the NFL as a linebacker for 11 consecutive years. 

Not only this, but in the past decades, he has accomplished top-notch NFL titles such as Superbowl Champion XLV, Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year, Lombardi Award, BCS National Champion, and more. 

Laura Quinn Hawk
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Henceforth, there is no doubt that millions of AJ’s fans want to know more about his personal life. Especially his wife, Laura Quinn Hawk. For such curious readers, we have taken the opportunity to dig up information about Laura, a lucky lady who married NFL legend, AJ Hawk. So, without any further commotion, let’s get started —

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Disclaimer: Please note that all the details in this reading about Laura Quinn Hawk and AJ Hawk have been acquired from various sustainable sources on the web. For any specific questions, drop “?” in the comment section. 

Who is Laura Quinn Hawk?

To begin with, Laura Quinn Hawk is popularly acknowledged as a celebrity spouse. To the reader’s surprise, she is the better half of Aaron James Hawk, an elite NFL player (former) and sports analyst. 

Laura Quinn Hawk was born in 1972, which makes her 50 years old now. However, her birthdate is not confirmed. Apparently, Laura does not want people to know about her age. Yet, of course, she looks younger and fitter. She originally comes from Dublin, Ohio, in the United States. By nationality, she is an American. She is the second daughter of her parents (Dublin native), Tyron Quinn and Robin Quinn. 

Since the discovery of AJ Hawk’s marriage with Laura Quinn Hawk, she has been trending on the internet. Fans are ardent to know if she is also a sportsperson. Well! You are going to find out soon. 

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Here’s a fun fact: Did you know? Laura Quinn Hawk is also the sibling (elder) of Brady Quinn, another popular NFL linebacker. To the reader’s surprise, in the 2006 NFL Match, Laura Quinn appeared in the game with split jerseys as her brother was playing against her boyfriend, AJ Hawk. 

Fans often ask if Laura and Brady are real brothers and sisters. The answer is yes. Brady Quinn, Laura Quinn Hawk, and Kelly Katherine Quinn are three children of Tyrone and Robin Quinn. 

Laura loves Football, and she is very consistent in the NFL matches in the presence of Aaron James Hawk. On the contrary, Laura Quinn Hawk’s sister Kelly Katherine Quinn is married to Jack Johnson, who is a legend in Ice Hockey. He is a 35 years old professional defenseman in the sports field. 

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Who is Laura Quinn Hawk’s husband? 

Laura Quinn Hawk is married to Aaron James Hawk, one of the best NFL former linebackers. He played for 11 seasons. Aaron James Hawk was born on 6th January 1984. He is currently 38 years old. According to the birth details, Laura Quinn Hawk is over 10 years older than her husband, AJ Hawk. The couple has been embracing the age gap and setting a couple for the sports industry. 

Did you know? AJ Hawk married Laura Quinn Hawk in 2007. At the time, Aaron James Hawk was only 23 years old. In comparison, Laura Quinn Hawk had crossed her 30s. She is also popularly known as Nee Quinn, which is her nickname disclosed to the media by Brady Quinn. 

How did AJ Hawk meet Laura Quinn Hawk and marry later? 

Back in 2007, when Laura Quinn hawk and Aaron James Hawk tied the knots of sacred marriage, fans shockingly wanted to know how did the couple meet? Well! It is a cute story. According to the details of the first meeting, both were attending a Christmas Party thrown by a mutual friend (probably, an NFL player) in 2004. 

In 2005’s fall, Laura Quinn and AJ Hawk started hanging out together and eventually fell in love. Surprisingly, at the time of their first meet in the fall of 2005, Laura was in California. She was attending school for a degree in broadcasting. AJ was present in California for a Buckeyes match. That night, the couple exchanged numbers and stayed in contact to hang out in California together. 

Laura Quinn Hawk
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Next thing you know! Laura Quinn was supporting both AJ and her brother Brady Quinn during a game by showcasing her split jersey. 

MORE ABOUT Laura Quinn Hawk’s husband, Aaron James Hawk

In the event that you are a football fan, you must know that Aaron James Hawk has played for elite NFL Teams. To name a few — Green Bay Packers for 8 years, Cincinnati Bengals for a year, and Atlanta Falcons for a year before he retired in 2017. 

Ted Thompson gave tribute to AJ Hawk as a part of Green Bay Packer by saying, “The first thing that needs to be said about A.J. Hawk is a good man. He was a terrific teammate and a true professional during his career, and we were lucky to have him. A.J. will always be a Packer. We wish the best to him and the entire Hawk family and thank them for all that they gave to the team and the city of Green Bay.”

What is Laura Quinn Hawk height? 

Over 50 years old Laura Quinn Hawk appears quite tall while standing in the stadium. Well! Our girl is quite tall. To the reader’s surprise, she is 172 centimeters tall. Her height is 5 feet and additional 8 inches. On the contrary, her husband, AJ Hawk, is 185 centimeters which makes him 6 feet 1 inch tall. Laura and AJ have 5 inches of difference between their respective heights. 

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What is Laura Quinn Hawk’s educational background? 

To begin with, Laura Quinn graduated from Dublin Coffman High School, which was nearby to her home in Dublin, Ohio, USA. Her brother and sister, Brady Quinn and Kelly Katherine, also attended the same school. 

Further ahead, she also joined Ohio State University to major in Arts. Again, in 2005, she moved to California to pursue an education in broadcasting when she met AJ Hawk and started dating. Currently, She is married. We assume that she completed her degree in broadcasting before marriage. 

What does Laura Quinn Hawk do for a living? 

You will be shocked to acknowledge that Laura Quinn Hawk is quite famous in the fashion industry. That’s right! She is a fashion designer. Her main interest falls in the interior fashion designing category. 

Thanks to the company of their wife, Laura Quinn Hawk, Aaron James Hawk has surprisingly transformed in the context of fashion since marriage. Not only this, but during an interview, Laura jokingly also criticized AJ’s fashion sense when the couple first met. Laura also complained that every time, AJ had the same red fleece and baggy jeans on, which was frustrating for Laura. 

Laura Quinn Hawk
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Laura owns LHC Interiors. The company offers fashion consultation services at the global level. To the reader’s surprise, Laura Quinn’s sportsman brother Brady Quinn was declared the US’s best-dressed man in the early 2000s. 

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AJ Hawk’s wife Laura also told the media that her entire family is full of fashionistas. Her brother Brady Quinn alone owns so many expensive clothes, suits, and whatnot. The count is more than an average woman. From time to time, A.J. Hawk and Laura Quinn Hawk also collaborate at a professional level. For example, Laura often designs the interior of events and parties settled by AJ Hawk to remain active in the industry. Sounds like a remarkable woman, right? 

 What is Laura Quinn Hawk’s Net Worth? 

As mentioned before, Laura Quinn Hawk owns a fashion interior company. Thus, her net worth is counted distinct from her husband AJ Hawk’s net worth. According to the latest celebrity net worth estimation, Laura Quinn’s current net worth stands at $800K. Laura spends a lot of her time in charity organizations. Did you know? She volunteered as a hugger for children in Hospital in California for 12 months. She is an amazing person at heart. 

Apart from volunteer work and running a company, Laura Quinn Hawk also collaborates with several brands. Her salary from Louis Vuitton alone is $400K. 

What is Aaron James Hawk’s Net Worth? 

Aaron James Hawk began his career in Football in 2006. He started playing for Green Bay Packers after completing his university education. According to the latest estimation of Net Worth(s), Aaron James Hawk’s Net Worth stands at $30 million approximately. In 2006, his six years NFL contract with Green Bay Packers was worth $14.76 million, along with a bonus worth $2 million approximately. 

After completion of a six years contract, he rejoined the Green Bay Packers upon a renewed 5 years contract worth $33.75 million along with an $8 million bonus and $9 million guaranteed payoffs. 

However, in October 2011, Mr. AJ Hawk faced a legal complication due to which his contractual value was reduced to $5 million only. According to the inside revelation, Hawk had gestured obscenity on the stadium. Due to this, Hawk’s final salary with the Green Bay Packers remained $3 Million for last year. 

On the contrary, Cincinnati Bengals only paid $3.5 million to AJ Hawk for 2015’s NFL season. Further ahead, in 2016, Atlanta Falcons paid only $985K to the player. 

Yet, of course, our research has disclosed that AJ Hawk also has other sources of income. For example, on youtube, Hawk runs a podcast that earns him over $1 million per year. The talk show was initiated in 2020 amid COVID-19. 

Does LQ and AJ Hawk have kids? 

Laura Quinn Hawk has been married to Aaron James Hawk for 15 years. During this time, Laura has given birth to a total of 4 children. Her children’s names are — Christened Lennon Noel (2010) and Hendrix Knight Hawk (2013). Although, the couple has not shared names and details about their other two children yet. If you want to know about them in the future, bookmark this reading. 

On the contrary, some sources on the internet mention that the couple only has two kids. The conversation is contradictory because Aaron James Hawk himself mentioned four kids during his retirement announcement. 

Where does the Quinn Hawk family live? 

Did you know? Laura Quinn Hawk and Aaron James Hawk reside in a million-dollar mansion in Dublin, their hometown. Their mansion is also listed on Google maps with a description. According to the details of the house, it consists of six bedrooms and eight bathrooms. The mansion is spread over 7.6K acres. The description also reveals that the couple bought this house in Dublin for $200K. 

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So, this is everything you need to know about beautiful Laura Quinn Hawk and her famous husband, Aaron James Hawk. Want to get more details soon? Mark the star on the top of this page and visit anytime, anywhere. Thank you for having this journey with us. 

Full Name Laura Quinn Hawk
Birthday Unknown 
Birthplace Dublin, Ohio, The United States
Age 50 +
Height 5 feet and 8 inches (175 cm)
Weight 70 kgs (146 pounds approximately)
Body Measurement Unknown
Educational background
  • Dublin Coffman High School
  • Ohio State University 
  • Broadcasting course in California
Profession Interior Designer and Fashion Advisor
Spouse Aaron James Hawk
  • Christened Hawk
  • Lennon Noel Hawk
  • Tyron J. Quinn
  • Robbin Quinn
Company owned LHC Interiors
Net Worth $800K 
  • Kelly Katherine Quinn (Wife of Jack Jackson)
  • Brady QUinn (popular NFL player)
Popularly known as Wife of AJ Hawk, NFL Former Linebacker
Controversies None



Q. Who Is Laura Quinn Hawk?
A. Laura Quinn Hawk is the A. J. Hawk’s wife.

Q. How old is Laura Quinn Hawk?
A. She is 38 years old.

Q. When was Laura Quinn Hawk born?
A. Laura Quinn Hawk was born on 1985.

Q: How tall is Laura Quinn Hawk?
A: She is about 5 feet 8 inches.

Q. How much is Laura Quinn Hawk’s Net Worth?
A. Laura Quinn Hawk has a net worth of 600K dollars.