The Popularity of Vintage Camper Trailers

Popularity of Vintage Camper Trailers

The rise of vintage appeal is taking the RV industry by storm, and campground owners are taking advantage of this growing trend, too. Iconic brands such as Shasta, Airstream, Avion, Spartan, Aristocrat, and more are reemerging in the limelight at RV parks and gaining their guests’ attention. From baby boomers wanting to take a trip down memory lane to millennials discovering this fun “new” style, stationary vintage camper trailers are showing more popularity with every age group and showing no signs of slowing down. That’s why we’re showcasing some of our favorite vintages finds at our customers’ parks. Now, let’s reminisce on decades past and get inspired with trending ideas for your properties.

Vintage Airstream Postcard

Launch Pointe’s Vintage Village

Located in Southern CaliforniaLaunch Pointe Recreation Destination & RV Park’s Vintage Village is truly a one-of-a-kind vacation destination. All complete with custom furnishings and unique layouts, guests can choose from a wide variety of classic trailers within the village. For those looking for an authentic trip back in time, their 1954 Royal Spartan Mansion Doubler-Ender is just that.

Launch Pointe, CA (1954 Royal Spartan Mansion Double-Ender)

Launch Pointe, CA (1954 Royal Spartan Mansion Double-Ender)

This rare beauty features a true 1950’s blue exterior, unique window paneling, built-ins, and a natural wood finish. The eye-catching design is both timeless and a favorite among collectors. Also in the mix of Launch Pointe’s trailers is a 1946 Spartan Manor featuring chic decor, chandeliers, and a baby blue finish. Ranging in origin from the 1940s through the 1970s, Launch Pointe’s eclectic group of trailers features all of your favorites throughout the decades. Why stay in only one?!

Launch Pointe, CA (1946 Spartan Manor)

Emberglow Outdoor Resort’s Named Collection

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Foothills of Western North Carolina, Emberglow Outdoor Resort features a collection of beautiful vintage offerings you won’t find anywhere else. Each layout is distinct from the next with impeccable attention to detail, timely decor, finely-crafted interiors, and a name fit to match. Choose from Harold, Gene, Helen, Frances, Stella, and Millie.

Emberglow Outdoor Resort, NC (Harold)

For guests who desire a trip to Hollywood, their 1951 Vintage Spartanette Camper (Gene), is made for stardom — think classic and cool like James Dean, who owned the same style. This vintage trailer stays true to the time period with wood-paneled walls, a funky flair, and retro curtains to tie together the nostalgic look.

Emberglow Outdoor Resort, NC (Gene)

The Hideaway Retreat’s Shabby Shasta

The Hideaway Retreat in Navarre, Florida is located on the incredibly beautiful Santa Rose Sound. This charming resort features an old-Florida aesthetic that is clean and classic. Nestled under a gorgeous mix of Oak and Magnolia trees, the “Shabby Shasta” serves as a perfect addition to the old school setting. This sweet vintage trailer is beloved by visitors and resembles the Florida sun.

The Hideaway Retreat, FL (Shabby Shasta)

The Hideaway Retreat, FL (Shabby Shasta)

Shabby’s charming design features rich mahogany wood, a cozy interior, and Shasta’s recognizable body with its famous wing. Originally built in 1941 by Californian Robert Gray, the first Shasta “house trailer” was used as mobile military housing for U.S. armed forces. Since then, Shasta has continued to spark wanderlust in its followers. Shasta was, and remains, an important player in the ultimate American Dream; the freedom and desire to roam and enjoy well-earned leisure time with the people we love.

Launch Pointe, CA (1950 Royal Spartan Mansion)

Launch Pointe, CA (1950 Royal Spartan Mansion)

From vintage originals to renovated models, these blasts from the past give campers the ability to revel in a fresh take on the good ol’ days. Interested in bringing vintage flair to your park? Check out Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine. This is the premier source for all vintage camper trailer collectors, ​restorers, admirers, and dreamers. Full-fledged enthusiasts can draw further inspiration by joining the Tin Can Tourists: “the original vintage trailer and camper club,” which was founded in 1919.

Isn’t it time you transported your guests to a lost era and left them with unforgettable memories? Well, only time will tell.

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