Thinking of buying a second home in Italy? Here’s a list of the most beautiful locations


There has been a huge increase in second home purchases in recent years. After two and a half years of the pandemic, people have begun to understand the importance of owning another home in a loved place, perhaps abroad, where they can spend quiet days with friends and family or where to simply carry on the usual daily routine. Owning a second home can have many benefits: in addition to having a place to relax in peace, you can also work remotely and invite friends and family to take a short trip together without spending too much. You can also secure free long vacations throughout the year and lend your home to friends and family. If you buy your home in a place you’ve always loved and wanted to live, you’ll also have a great place to spend your retirement years. for more details visit here

Lastly, a second home can also bring many advantages from an economic point of view: although it is a long-term investment, you can still make an extra income by renting it in the months you are not using it. In fact, the purchase of a second home is a really important decision that can improve your life in many ways. Moreover, today, thanks to the Internet, if you’re looking for a real estate in Tuscany or in any other region, it would be much easier to find the house of your dreams. As a matter of fact, Italy is a dream destination for the purchase of a second home, for it offers a great variety of landscapes, cities of art and history, ancient medieval villages and so much more. Let’s have a look on the most popular Italian destinations.

Northern Italy

Northern Italy is the perfect location for those who love mountain landscapes, an always cool climate, expanses of woods and many other typical mountain wonders. In addition to the splendid mountain scenery, Northern Italy also reserves many surprises for city lovers. Trento, Bolzano, Milan, Bologna and Venice are just some of the many cities you can consider in the territory if you’re planning to move to this part of Italy.

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Central Italy

Central Italy is also a real jewel full of surprises. The splendid region of Umbria is a feast for the eyes: with its villages and hamlets, it is one of the most popular regions for a life of tranquility. Also, when it comes to choosing a perfect and peaceful spot in central Italy it is impossible not to think of Tuscany, which has always been one of the most popular destinations for holidays, weddings and second homes. Its hilly landscape and its historic cities make it one of the most popular regions of the peninsula. Central Italy is also home to Rome, the splendid capital that certainly needs no introduction.

Southern Italy

Southern Italy is all about the sea, the warm weather and the amazing beaches. Its typically Mediterranean territory and its relaxed rhythms make the south the perfect place for a life of tranquility and beauty. You can choose among Puglia, Campania, Calabria, Sicily or Sardinia if you want to enjoy and live an island experience.