Winning Eleven 2015 APK Download (Konami)

Winning Eleven 2015 APK Download

The fourteenth edition of the WE series, i.e., Winning Eleven 2015, consists of new football teams, players, new outfits, and other material. Conversely, the developers focused on the quality improvement in the previous version, which is WE 2014. So, the current edition is pleasurable for the fans as it can give them something extra like Winning Eleven APK. Also, it features cover photos, both in Japanese & European versions. It exceeds the expectations of professional players and Rank Giving platforms.

Konami presents a splendid football simulation game for the whole world. Each new edition keeps the fans curious every year. It is a well-reputed & well-known platform to play soccer on Windows, PS, Xbox, iOS, and Android. But we aim to facilitate the Android device users. Hence, accept the free file without any ado, and its features are as explained here.

In particular, WE 2015 brings eight new European soccer teams, like Slovan Bratislava, FK Partizan, Sparta Prague, etc. The addition of new soccer teams gives more choices to the players. For instance, they can select a Team or players as it suits their minds. Furthermore, all the gaming outfits of the footballers are updated. Also, new uniforms, shoes, and faces are noticeable. On the go, playing strategies & movements of the objects show resemblance with the actual world.

Critics, like IGN, gave it 9/10. They commented it has almost everything that we expect from a modern football simulation. Similarly, the top players gave it a 4/5 rating. The majority of them say it a superb soccer game with creative animations and advanced AI. Thus, it is one of the masterpieces created by them. Let quickly see its incredible features.

Features of Winning Eleven 2015

  • Overall, 12 new soccer teams.
  • New football boots from Puma, Nike, & Adidas
  • The Copa Sudamericana 2014 tournament
  • New player faces with accurate moves
  • Summer transfers
  • The latest squad lineups are visible
  • The Pitch is Ours; a slogan used in it for the first time
  • Mario Gotze of Bayern Munich features on the western version
  • Keisuke Honda’s image on the Japanese copy
  • Playable teams include Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, & Napoli.
  • 1.72 million copies purchased by fans
  • Fluid gameplay
  • Free to use as single/multiplayer
  • Modern animations
  • Training mode, various Football Cups & Leagues
  • Online & offline playable
  • Downloadable content at no cost
  • Active servers facilitate the whole community 24/7

After 2010, the Winning Eleven series got a boost, and millions of new players showed interest in it. Surprisingly, more than 17 lac gamers bought copies of Winning Eleven 2015 all over the world. Moreover, Metacritic & GameRankings blessed it with an 83% admiration rate. It shows the success of this game on a merit basis. As a whole, it is an excellent soccer game for smartphone players.


Q: What is Winning Eleven 2015?

A: Winning Eleven 2015 is the Japanese name for Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, a football simulation game developed by PES Productions and published by Konami. It is the fourteenth edition of the Pro Evolution Soccer series.

Q: What are the features of Winning Eleven 2015?

A: Winning Eleven 2015 features improved graphics, gameplay, and AI, as well as new modes, teams, and players. It also introduces the MyClub mode, where players can create and manage their teams online.

Q: What are the platforms of Winning Eleven 2015?

A: Winning Eleven 2015 is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Q: What are the reviews of Winning Eleven 2015?

A: Winning Eleven 2015 received generally positive reviews from critics and players, who praised its realism, fluidity, and intelligence.

Q: What are the alternatives to Winning Eleven 2015?

A: Some alternatives to Winning Eleven 2015 are FIFA 15, Football Manager 2015, and Real Football 2015.

Final Verdict

No doubt, Konami could make a successful & long-lasting soccer game for all of us. But it’s not available on the Google Play Store. Therefore, you have to visit a third-party app provider site. For this, our platform is the most suitable. We reviewed it after seeing its reputation among the fans and critical analyzers. In the end, we donate you a free copy to enjoy it with full essence. So, let it download if you crave a quality soccer simulation game.