Amazing World of Gumball Characters- Basic and Brief Details

amazing world of gumball characters

About Amazing World of Gumball Characters

A lot of fans of the Gumball tv shows would love to know some details about the amazing world of gumball characters. Here, we have gathered some basic info regarding the significant characters that we find in these fantastic animated shows that kids love to watch.

More Details 

The show is majorly about Gumball Watterson, who is somewhat the protagonist of the show, and it takes you on a journey of various incidents of his life. Here Gumball is a school going cat in this bizarre world. Moreover, the characters that surround this main character are even more bizarre. Hence, here we are going to dig in deep and shed some light on some crazy yet adorable characters of Gumball.

Why is the Amazing World of Gumball so Popular? 

  • Crazy set of characters that have their own unique traits, which add a lot of amazing layers to the show.
  • The mix-match of animation makes it outstanding when it comes to creativity. They have mastered the art of merging all the ways that one can portray a show. From clay animation to animation, Gumball has it all!
  • The plot has a lot of depth. That is why Gumball is not only appealed to kids only. A lot of youngsters in their late teens or even older than that watch and enjoy this show.
  • Always something new with a small dose of moral. The stories are super entertaining and fun to watch, but more than that, Gumball teaches you various things now n then too!

Gumball Characters and Their Info

Gumball Watterson

amazing world of gumball characters

First, from the list of the characters, we have Mr Gumball himself. Gumball Waterson is a cute little blue cat that somehow always gets into trouble. However, it is not only him that gets into trouble. His entire gang of friends join him too. He always tries to tackle all the weird situation that he gets stuck in. Moreover, he tries to make the best decisions, but he can’t make the best moves every time. His very dear friend is called Darwin, who is a small fish. Check out some site where you can watch online similar anime shows! 

Darwin Watterson

The amazing world of Gumball

Darwin is no doubt the smart one here. Despite being a fish, he is somewhat a stepbro to Gumball. They have developed a deep and understanding bond that helps them in their day-to-day life. They both support each other throughout every adventure that they go on and also help each other out. Darwin always tries to find out the right way to get Gumball out of any situation. Darwin has a shaper brain as compared to Gumball, and he uses it well in the series.

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Anais Watterson

When it comes to being intelligent and sharp in the world of Gumball, no one can top Anais Watterson. She is the little pink bunny sister of Gumball the cat, which is yet another mysterious connection of this series. They have no similarities whatsoever when it comes to their appearances. Still, they are siblings. Moreover, Anais is sharp and wise without a doubt. But, she can’t mingle well with people. This is a considerable drawback of hers that puts her behind in some or another way.

Mrs Watteron 


She is the wall of the Watterson family. She is strong, robust and full of energy! Along with this, she is a hard-working mother and wife of Mr Richard Watterson. They live peacefully in their small and cosy house, where Mrs Watter ensures that not even a single outside element can come in and harm her family. She even trains hard to maintain her physical strength and fitness. Moreover, she is a strong woman who is ready to fight anyone when it comes to the well-being of her family.

Richard Watterson

the world of amazing gumballs characters

Here we have the father of Gumball Watterson, Mr Richard Watterson. A fun-loving cat that loves to spend time with the family and leads a sober life. Along with his love for the family, Richard Watterson is also extremely fond of food. This makes Richard Watterson a very loveable character in this show. Gumball and his father share a sweet bond, and Mr Waterson tries to do everything to keep Gumball and the rest of his family safe.

Penny Fitzgerald


Here comes the girlfriend of Gumball. She is an emotional fairy that has tremendous powers too! Her passion is that she can shape-shift easily. Gumball and Penny share a very mature and understanding bond where both of them help each other to grow. Moreover, they take care of their emotional needs too! If Gumball needs some support or assistance, Penny is always around to give her the best that she can! Besides this, she likes to be active in various school activities and participate in them.

Carrie Krueger


With characters like these, this cartoon show gets more interesting and layered. Here, we have Carries Kruger, who is an ancient ghost that has been stuck between the two realms of the alive and the dead. She and her partner, Gumball’s brother, are in a relationship. Because of her crazy ability to see the dead, the show gets amazing with her presence.

Tobias Wilson


He is typical wanna be womanizer that almost all the schools have. He thinks he is super cool in his head, and the ladies are dying just to get a glimpse of him. However, this is far from this in reality. He gets annoying as he keeps thinking of his image in the school and pretends that the whole world is revolving around him.

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Tina Rex

the amazing world of Gumball Characters

Tina is an ex-bully who had some personality issues that made her got into bullying. However, now Tina is over the phase of bullying, and now she tries to mingle with people and work on her issues privately. Moreover, she has an anger streak in her as she is a dinosaur (Tyrannosaurus) by looks.

Banana Joe


Banana Joe is the one who adds humour to the show. Just as it depicts, Banana Joe is a plain and simple looking banana. However, he is a strong character of the Gumball show as he is the one who brings in all the laughs! Even though he is small and weak by looks, but he has a fantastic set of verbal skills. Moreover, he loves to use his wit every now and then.



Rob used to be a good classmate of Gumball, but sadly, due to an accident, he lost all his viral memory. Now, he has regained a lot of memory, but it is all faulty and keeps him in delusion and denial. He thinks that Gumball and the company are the arch-enemies that are going to kill him one day. So, in order to counter this, he keeps planning something evil against Gumball and the friends.

Bobert 6B

To make the world of Gumball even more complicated and fun, they have a robot in the plot too! Bobert the robot is a well-functioning robot that is trying to live and cope with all the people in that world. By being a robot, he cannot operate exactly like a human as he leaves behind the understood element, unlike others. This makes Bobert completely remorseful. So, this can turn deadly, too, if no one keeps him in check.

Sarah G. Lato


Sarah is a nice and chirpy character that is an ice-cream cone. Sarah is highly into the Watterson bros. She wants to be with them badly, but she fails as she is younger than them. However, she does not give up the hope of being with Gumball and his brother one day.


He is a soft and gullible pink flower that is highly emotional. He keeps his emotional being that has a beautiful ability to sing as well. All of these attributes combined make Leslie a close associate with a lot of girls in the class.

Masami Yoshida

She is one spoiled character in the world of Gumball. She has a big shot and influential parents that get her everything that she wants. Masami is a cloud by looks and appearance. She has a stubborn attitude because her parents have given her everything that she asks for. Now, she is expecting everyone else to do the same, but sadly that is not the case. However, with time, she is becoming more mature and trying to understand the real world.


We hope that now you are familiar with the amazing world of Gumball characters. These complex and diverse characters are the real catch of the TV show. Without the crazy set of characters, the amazing world of Gumball wouldn’t be so amazing!


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