Why Using VPNs with Cox Internet is a Good Idea

VPNs with Cox Internet

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill, there aren’t many people who can do but avoid public spaces and sit at home, safely and soundly. Even though the gears of the globe have stopped moving, human beings haven’t. One of the best qualities of our species is that we persist through the worst of storms. We keep going forward and come up with ingenious solutions to our severest problems. So, though we can’t take the daily commute to our offices anymore, we continue to work from home. In the face of this crisis, smart organizations have adopted the remote work policy to keep the business operations running smoothly. Though startups and other small businesses have seen massive losses, enterprises with remote work policy and its assisting technology intact have surpassed the wave of closedowns. They have extended employee access to the private company and necessitated the use of cloud platforms to encourage teamwork, project handling, and other tasks. Therefore, if you are working from home, you need two things to make this whole setup work: A high-speed internet connection and a VPN. Let’s see what happens while using VPNs with Cox internet.

Why internet? Because this World Wide Web technology enables communication, collaboration, and other aspects of remote working in real-time. You can find hundreds of high-ranking internet providers in the market selling top-quality plans at affordable rates to residences with lots of remote workers. So, the first thing you need to get your hands on is a super-fast internet service with reliable speeds just like any of the Cox internet plans offered by Cox Communications. The next thing is a VPN. Why a VPN? Because a Virtual Private Network acts as a secondary shield on your internet, giving you multiple benefits, which will be covered in this post. So, why is it a good idea to pair your Cox internet service with a VPN? Let’s find out below.

VPNs Offer Better Security

In simple words, a Virtual Private Network converts your web communication into a complex string of codes by passing it through an encryption tunnel. Once your online presence is encoded, you can browse, transact, collaborate, work and do whatever you want on your Cox internet connection safely without the fear of being hacked or spied upon. Because a VPN offers you anonymity and enhanced security, you can share lots of files on the web with your colleagues or clients for a long period of time and not be afraid of data breaches or information leaks. A VPN protects your identity online by removing all traces of your digital presence and leaving only a complex code in its place. Moreover, some companies require you to install a VPN in order to access their private cloud. Since Cox allows you to use a VPN with its network, so working from home and tapping into the company’s network is no longer a problem.

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VPNs Help You Bypass Content Restrictions

Suppose, you work in a marketing firm in the US and your client is located in Paris. In order to attract Parisian users with targeted campaigns, you need to understand what ticks them and what pleases them. But, there are certain sites you can’t access. What to do? Get a VPN, that’s what! A VPN helps you override internet censorship, bypass blockers, and filters, and do more with your Cox home network. It filters your requests and internet traffic through a remote server located anywhere in the world and hides your location even from your ISP. This is how it enables you to access any kind of content you like and continue giving your best to your firm.

VPNs are Cheaper than You Think

You may ask, how can I possibly afford to pay for this service with the rest of the bills? Good question. Cost is a real concern for a conscious consumer and it should be. With the rate of internet services rising over time, should you be worrying about VPN costs, as well? The quick answer is no. VPNs are cheaper than you think. For instance, a NordVPN monthly subscription costs only $3 or so, which is easily a price you can pay for total security, no? Combine that with $40 for Cox Internet Essential 50 plan and you have a private network of your own with higher speeds… just under $50. 

Tips to Use VPN Effectively with Cox Internet

Now that we have established that it’s a good idea to use VPN with Cox internet, here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your protected experience:

  • Prefer to connect your device to the Cox network via Ethernet, which further adds to security detail.
  • Install the correct VPN software on your device. 
  • Read the terms and conditions set by the VPN provider before starting. Double-check them with Cox by dialing customer support.
  • Disable your firewall while using VPN with Cox.
  • Remember to log in with the correct username and password to avoid being locked out of your account.
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Wrapping Up

A VPN offers enhanced security, easy remote access, content bypassing, anonymity and it doesn’t upset your monthly budget. By pairing a VPN service with your Cox internet, you cannot only enjoy total online protection but also improve the performance of your network.